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Perfume Collection - Lancome Paco Rabanne DKNY Kate Moss

I just realised that I have quite a few perfumes and my collection is getting bigger and bigger so I told myself,why not do a post about it?
Having a nice,quality perfume is essential for me.
These are the perfumes that I have right now,I am not a fan of fresh perfumes,even if it's for men,I prefer sweet ones that I can wear all day long,so 4 of them smell like roses,while another one is a little bit fresh and the other one is musky.

Black XS - It was love at first sniff...
I actually waited for 3 years to buy it...but I eventually got it this year!It's my all time favourite.
I know that it might sound strange,but I feel more confident and positive when I wear it.
I tried more Paco Rabanne perfumes,even Black XS L'exces ,but I prefer this one.

007 For HER- my boyfriend bought it for my birthday,it reminds me of my very first perfume that I received as a gift from my mom almost 18 years ago.
It smells like berrys,it's very feminine and I really like to wear it in the morning.
Unfortunately,it's not very persistant,I cannot feel it anymore after a couple of hours.

Midnight Rose
I usually wear this perfume in the evening.As the name says- Midnight Rose- is a soft , nightish perfume,that I usually like to wear if I go for a date with my fiance or have dinner with friends.
It's a very delicate perfume,and the bottle has a perfect purple ombre.I love the details.

Kate Moss Summer Time- I had every Kate Moss perfume except Vintage.And yes,I consider buying it.
Each and every one of her perfumes are unique,but quite similar.They are gentle,romantic,feminine.
This is your perfect scent for a hot summerish day.

Before buying  DKNY -Be Delicious I tried it at a store on a piece of paper.Such a big mistake!
On my skin it smells totally different so I had quite a surprise realising that it was smelling very fresh-and strange- on my skin.I will give it to my aunt soon,it totally doesn't suite me.
But what I like about it is that the smell is very persistant,I can feel it even after 8 hours.

Rise-Beyonce- my boyfriend bought this one for Christmas.
I wear this perfume when I feel like doing something different.It's a musky perfume.
You see,I like wearing my clothes and my perfume depending on my mood.
And if I'm wearing Rise,than I'm feeling myself .

Do you have a favourite perfume?Which one?


Warm bath favourites: Review Lush & Yorkshire Soap

I can't believe it...when will it be sunny outside? 13 degrees ...Are you kidding me?
Don't panic,don't panic.I know what I will do!

Pour a glass of Martini and add a piece of lime ,grab my new book that I just bought 3 days ago from a local charity shop (Lauren Conrad  - Sugar and Spice ) and turn on the water in the bathtub.
But ...I really do not know which bathbomb should I choose...Can you help me?


You can simply feel the smell of a Lush Shop from 10 meters away.It's sweet,fruity and you simply cannot resist it.
When I went in the shop,in a corner ,a lady was showing the bathbombs to other customers and my human curiosity took me in that direction.

I just had to buy these 2 lovely bubble bars.They smell amazing and they color the water ,making it so pretty!You don't have to use one big piece for a bath,just 1/4 of it and the best part is that you can combine the two of them!

The only inconvenient is that they're a little bit pricey and if you don't use them in 2-3 months they will not make anymore bubbles and will no longer dissolve easily.

Yorkshire Soap

Everytime I go to this shop I buy at least 3-4 bathbombs.I simply can't help it.Also,their soaps are so cute!!!Everytime I go in this shop I tell myself that the next time I will buy a cupcake-soap...well maybe next time. :P

Some of the products that I bought in time:

Bath bombs- a real delight!The pink one is my favourite one,it makes the water pink and smells like berries.

I absolutely love these cupcake-like bath products.
After using them my skin feels babysoft and they have different smells too.

So...which one should I choose ?


Review&Swatch: My first MAC lipstick

Hey! :)

When we came back from our trip from Spain,at the airport we bumped into a MAC store...I couldn't have been more excited.
Knowing that the prices in the UK are a little bigger,I was more than happy to pay around 13 pounds for this amazing lipstick.



So this is the shade that I got,I wanted a lipstick that I can wear during the day,but also in the evening.A little bit metallic,but also a little bit matte.

What I love about it is that it's longlasting , I apply it in the morning and after 5 hours it still looks great.
Also,a big plus is that it's a hydrating lipstick.So if your lips are chapped don't worry,this lipstick  will not look ridiculos on you.

I also wanted to buy a black eyeliner MAC,because I've seen so many good reviews but it was sold out .Maybe next time .

Tell me,do you have any Mac products?Which one is your favourite?


Hot Trend: Flash Tattoos

It's summer,it's hot outside,it's festival season...and no festival season is complete without Flash Tattoos!
This is the newest,hottest trend and I just had to give it a shout.

I received in my Flash Tattoos in the latest edition of Glossybox before going to Spain on holiday,so I had the chance to wear them at the beach.
This is how you apply a Flash Tattoo:

1.Cut the model that you want to use

2.Apply the model on your clean skin so it can stick well

3. Put water on it for 1 min

4.Remove the paper

5.Let it dry for 1-2 mins

Now that was simple!I think that it looks gorgeous!

Show me your Flash Tattoos!:D

When it's time to throw away your makeup - Makeup Expiration Dates

...even if it's your favourite one

This morning I realised that I had to do it...things are just not working out between us anymore.
So I've trown my favourite eyeliner...and bought a new one!
Do you know when it's time to let go of your old favourite eyeliner and replace it with a new one?
These are the signs that you should buy a new eyeliner:

When you use it for more than 3 months
It is well known that using a liquid eyeliner on a daily basis makes the bacteria flourish in the tube,so the best thing to do is to replace your old liquid eyeliner with a new one every 3 months.

When the texture has changed/it feels different on your skin
Every time you use the product  air  goes inside it,which means that your eyeliner will dry.
When you apply your eyeliner on your skin and see that the texture is no longer as it used to be and the quality of the product is significaly less,you need to replace it.

When the color has changed
I think it's no need to add anything...Say goodbye to it! :)
In this picture I tried to remove it only with water.You can clearly see that the old one is not so resistant anymore...

By the way,this is my favourite eyeliner.It's my 6th bottle and I will continue using the same brand,same product,I simply love it . :)
I normally buy it from Wilko.

Do you have a favourite eyeliner?Which one is it?

Happy New Year! Make-up

In primul rand vreau sa va urez "La multi ani si un an nou fericit!".:*
Mi-am spus ca acesta fiind primul articol din noul an,ar trebui sa scriu despre ce imi place cel mai mult :sa ma machiez!
Desi nu v-am mai aratat ultimele machiaje pe blog,poate le-ati vazut pe pagina de facebook. Daca nu,atunci va recomand sa ma urmariti si acolo. :)
Ce imbunatatiri am observat la mine in ultima perioada?
Well , blenduiesc mult mai bine culorile.

Produse folosite:
Primer Gosh
Rimel Avon
Paleta 120 culori
Creion de ochi Farmec

De asemenea,ador sa folosesc genele false,de toate marimile, culorile si formele posibile.(sorry,pozele au fost facute seara)


All I want for Christmas is...Kate Moss!

Well,not the real Kate Moss! :)
Apropiatii mei imi stiu pasiunea pentru parfumurile Kate Moss.
Primul parfum de care m-am indragostit a fost Kate (de 50 ml) si mi s-a potrivit atat de bine!Apoi am trecut la sticluta de 100 ml,apoi mi l-am mai cumparat inca o data,cu tot cu crema de corp,un set intreg.

Dupa aceea am continuat cu Velvet Hour,l-am folosit in timpul facultatii,chiar la inceputul relatiei cu iubitul meu.Cred ca de aceea mi-a fost atat de drag. :)

De 2 ani nu am mai gasit nici un parfum nou Kate Moss in Romania.Vedeam cum in alte tari sunt lansari,iar la noi nu era nici macar o stire,ce sa mai spun de produse.
Mare mi-a fost mirarea cand am intrat acum cateva saptamani  si am vazut un superb set ,Lilabelle by Kate Moss.Mi-am spus ca trebuie sa fie al meu!

Ei bine,acum este al meu!!!

Parfumul delicat imi aduce aminte de primavara,e o adevarata placere sa il simt in timpul zilei.

Note varf

osmanthus, mandarină, frezie

Note inima

Jasmin, arbuşti, Lily

Note Baza

mosc, ambra, lemn de santal, Heliotrop

Daca doriti sa achizitionati setul,il gasiti aici

De ce imi plac parfumurile Kate Moss?Pentru ca sunt feminine,delicate,diferite.
Nu stiu cum se intampla,dar toate mi se potrivesc si persista mult pe piele.

Care sunt parfumurile voastre preferate?