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I just realised that I have quite a few perfumes and my collection is getting bigger and bigger so I told myself,why not do a post about it?
Having a nice,quality perfume is essential for me.
These are the perfumes that I have right now,I am not a fan of fresh perfumes,even if it's for men,I prefer sweet ones that I can wear all day long,so 4 of them smell like roses,while another one is a little bit fresh and the other one is musky.

Black XS - It was love at first sniff...
I actually waited for 3 years to buy it...but I eventually got it this year!It's my all time favourite.
I know that it might sound strange,but I feel more confident and positive when I wear it.
I tried more Paco Rabanne perfumes,even Black XS L'exces ,but I prefer this one.

007 For HER- my boyfriend bought it for my birthday,it reminds me of my very first perfume that I received as a gift from my mom almost 18 years ago.
It smells like berrys,it's very feminine and I really like to wear it in the morning.
Unfortunately,it's not very persistant,I cannot feel it anymore after a couple of hours.

Midnight Rose
I usually wear this perfume in the evening.As the name says- Midnight Rose- is a soft , nightish perfume,that I usually like to wear if I go for a date with my fiance or have dinner with friends.
It's a very delicate perfume,and the bottle has a perfect purple ombre.I love the details.

Kate Moss Summer Time- I had every Kate Moss perfume except Vintage.And yes,I consider buying it.
Each and every one of her perfumes are unique,but quite similar.They are gentle,romantic,feminine.
This is your perfect scent for a hot summerish day.

Before buying  DKNY -Be Delicious I tried it at a store on a piece of paper.Such a big mistake!
On my skin it smells totally different so I had quite a surprise realising that it was smelling very fresh-and strange- on my skin.I will give it to my aunt soon,it totally doesn't suite me.
But what I like about it is that the smell is very persistant,I can feel it even after 8 hours.

Rise-Beyonce- my boyfriend bought this one for Christmas.
I wear this perfume when I feel like doing something different.It's a musky perfume.
You see,I like wearing my clothes and my perfume depending on my mood.
And if I'm wearing Rise,than I'm feeling myself .

Do you have a favourite perfume?Which one?


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  1. Am fost la un pas sa imi iau si eu parfumul DKNY, nici pe mine nu ma incanta un parfum fresh...imi plac mai degraba cele dulci. Acum am Flash (care de fapt e cam fresh) Flowerbomb si Akkad. Preferatul meu este Akkad...i-am dedicat chiar si o postare :))

    1. Flash e chiar fain! :) Am avut si eu un tester .
      Trebuie sa testez Akkad,chiar nu mai auzisem de el :)