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Create your own logo - Blogger Tips

I've never been good at Photoshop , even if I wish I was and believe me , I tried so hard to learn how to do it.
I wanted to have my very own logo and I have searched the market  for a quite a while .
I wanted something without companies charging a ridiculous amount of money , so when I was suggested to try , I was extremly  excited .

It's so easy to use this website , after answering a couple of questions it automatically generates the logo , it gives you an idea of how it should look like , and you can just change the colors and fonts if you wish to .
I think it's perfect for companies and bloggers, and it also saves you so much time,it can literally take you just 15 mins to make your own logo.
Also , the best thing is that if you buy the premium package you can still make additional changes to your logo up to 24 h after the purchase.

After trying several designs , this was my final pick:

I will use this logo for my business cards,what do you think , do you like it ? :)