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Wedding Dress Styles: How Have They Changed Over The Years…

Many people dream of their wedding day their whole lives… the flowers, the venue but most importantly, the dress.

Although the whole planning process is exciting, it can also be overwhelming. Especially when it comes down to the dress… because let’s face it, it’s what everyone’s looking at.

One way to kick off your wedding dress shopping is to get a good idea of all the wedding dress styles out there.

There is plenty of information out there about the different styles that suit certain body shapes. You can, therefore, narrow your search down a lot by knowing which styles and features are likely to compliment your shape and make you feel a million dollars.

When you’re doing some fun research of wedding dress styles, it is a good idea to look at how styles have changed over the years. You may be someone that loves the vintage look, so may fall in love with a style from the 1980s. On the other hand, you may be a lover of all things modern and benefit from looking at more recent wedding dress styles.

For many, finding the perfect wedding dress doesn’t always go to plan. Why not buy a dress and then alter it to suit your shape and personal style. The Alterations Boutique in Manchester specialise in offering a range of wedding dress alterations. If you have a dream dress in mind, there is no doubt they will be able to materialise it. They offer a complimentary initial consultation and free fitting services, so you don’t have to spend a penny until you know how you want your dress to be transformed.

 To give you a helping hand with figuring out what style of dress you like and send you on your way to hitting the wedding dress shops, let’s take a look at wedding dress styles over the years. 

Let’s go way back…


The 1900s wedding dresses were extravagant, however in more reserved ways. They mostly featured high necks and frills… lots of them. The high necks were complimented by large puffy sleeves known as Gigot sleeves. Showing some skin on your big day in the 1900s just simply wasn’t done. They still look beautiful though! It’s practically impossible for a bride not to look perfect, no matter what dress she chooses. So don’t fret too much. 

Although the high neck-look and puffy sleeves together might not be something that a bride would choose to wear today. You could incorporate some of the incredible lace detailing and embellishment to add a dainty touch to an otherwise modern dress. 


The 1920s, otherwise known as the Jazz Age, showed a shift to less fitted dresses. They often had no shape whatsoever, known as ‘swing’ style. The focus of wedding dresses in the 20s seemed to be on the embellishment and headpieces. 

In contrast to the 1900s dresses, the necklines and waistlines were a lot lower. They were covered all over with beautifully patterned beads and embroidery. If you have a dress already but love the look of the detailed embellishment, you can always use an alteration service like Alterations Boutique Manchester to add it on. 


Wartime wedding dress styles were understandably pretty understated. The dresses and veils were largely made from simple and cheap fabrics. Some brides even had to get creative with fabrics they already owned, such as lace curtains, to add to their look. Fun fact: it was around this time that male wedding rings became popular, to connect loved ones when they were apart during wartime.

During the 40s, the emphasis seemed to be more on the wedding experience rather than the dress, and rightly so. It was not often people were all together and able to let loose, so weddings presented people with the perfect excuse to do just that! 


 you don’t take any wedding dress inspiration from the 1940s period, take their mindset. Having a beautiful dress is important yet, but making sure your day is enjoyable should be the priority. 


Wedding dress styles to keep in mind for this period involved sweetheart necklines, ballerina skirts and gloves. Gloves tend not to be popular for brides today, but if your dress is simple, they are a great way to add some drama! 

Shorter hemlines rose in popularity in this period and as a result, wedding shoes became more of a focus. If you’re one of the many gals out there with a passion for shoes, a 50s-esque dress may be the answer! 

One aspect of 1950s wedding dress styles that is still often seen on aisles today is the sweetheart neckline. This was popularised by Grace Kelly at the time and became the really only seen neckline in that period! It is a super flattering neckline without revealing too much. You could incorporate this neckline into your dress with a more modern twist by making it strapless. 


Fast forward to the 80s and there is almost a complete reversal in terms of wedding dress styles. 1980s dresses were very traditional looking, long, frilly, lacy and downright extravagant. Princess Diana’s famous dress showcases the trends of this era perfectly. The huge sleeves, long train and veil… such a statement! 

If you are one of those people who certainly isn’t shy of the limelight, why not transform your dress into something similar? You could add a long train or veil to an otherwise simple dress to emanate some Princess Diana vibes on your big day. 

As you can hopefully see by now, the opportunities to incorporate prominent features from wedding dress styles from over the years are endless! 

How to choose the perfect engagement ring - Tips for Men

This post will be quite different because it will be exclusive for guys!But it can also be for ladies,if you want to know how to choose the perfect diamond ring for yourself!
As you may already know,this year in April I got engaged (click HERE to read our story ) and I received an amazing diamond ring from my fiance,but what you do not know is that the ring that I'm wearing right now is the 3rd one,because i got it exchanged 2 times.Uhm...yes.
Sooo guys,if you want to marry your amazing lady this is what you have to do:

1.Take one of her rings with you at the shop
This will be the easiest way to know what size she has.
My fiance bought me a smaller ring,like 3 size smaller!So this was the first time when I changed my ring.

2.Ask her what kind of gold she prefers
Maybe she likes yellow gold,maybe white gold or maybe rose gold?Just ask her!
I really really didn't want a yellow gold engagement ring and I told my boyfriend many times,just to be sure.
Also,I would advise you not to go for the 9ct gold.why?Because it's not resistent in time,and even after a couple of months you can see very visible scratches,so go for the 18ct and 24 ct gold.
image via

3.Know what kind of diamond to choose.
Ok,now this is tricky.If you want to buy her a diamond ring between let's say between 100 £- 5000 £ or more,you must know that all those kind of diamonds have impurities.We didn't know that.
They are even clasified ,you can read all about it on wikipedia and they come in different shades too!
So if you want to buy her a diamnod ring,do not hesitate to ask the shop assistant for magnification lens and also look at the diamond at natural light!Make sure that the impurity is not very visible!!

4.Best time to buy the engagement ring?When you're ready :) and of course, Sale season! July -August and January.

Hope this post helped you.


Will you be my wife? - he asked

That moment I felt so numb and my head was spinning ...He just popped the question...

I believe that 5 is a magic number for us...On the 5th of December ,on a very cold night ,a couple of years ago was our first date...and on the 5th of April 2015 was that special day...

At the end of March he told me that he really wanted to go to Jamie Oliver Italians,because I've been there once with my mother and we really enjoyed it.Everyone knows Jamie because of his shows and of course,everyone has big expectations when you associate something with his name. So,I made a reservation for the 5th of April .
 When we arrived there and the waiter went through that day's speciality,which was pasta with mussels .That sounded so tempting so that's what I ordered,while Nick wanted turkey.The restaurant looks amazing,unique,really italian. When I received my order,I was delighted !Oh my gosh,the pasta was amazing!Spaghetti with mussels , mascarpone and wine...I could eat that every day and never have enough. :)

Smiling , Nick told me that maybe I will be lucky enough to find some pearls in the mussels....I told him there was no chance because a different species produce pearls. He insisted: "Really!I heard that in the mussels you can find pearls...or diamonds!" I bursted into laugh"Nooo way!Are you serious?I'll post this on facebook,everyone will laugh...are you serios?" He said" Oh yes,i've seen it on Discovery" I couldn't believe I started explaining to him: "mussels are in the sea->pearls;diamond stones come from inside of the earth->lava->diamonds ..." After finishing our dinner,we ordered the desserts,while he excused himself and went to the toilet. I ordered a delicious icecream with caramel sauce and chocolate flakes,and he had a lemon tart which he said that was absolutely divine.

We finished our desserts and I was looking for the waiter to ask for the bill,but when I turn my head around I saw Nick staying right next to me,on his knee,and saying:"Baby...if you truly believe in magic,you can find diamonds in mussels...You are the woman that I want to spend my life with.Will you be my wife?" And he gave me a mussel...he told me to open it and there it was...a beautiful diamond ring.

I was petrified.Shocked. We've been togheter for more than 5 years and lived in the same home for 4,but I didn't suspect a thing... The room was spining with me, I almost started crying...And I said yes. My first question was: Do my parents know about this?He said yes,he told them a couple of days ago because he wanted their blessing. That was the moment when I  started crying ...
He asked me if it would make me feel better to hold me in his arms and I approved...While in his arms he told me" Don't cry...this doesn't change anything...We are still the same and I will still love you the same" and I started crying even harder . Eventually I calmed down,had some water,took a few deep breaths,received two glasses of free prosecco from the restaurant....but everytime a person came to us and said "Congratulations!" I bursted into tears again...I was very emotional.

It has all been a lovely experience,a lovely place and most important...he improvised everything!I had no idea before going there what I was about to order and everything turned out to be perfect.He later told me that he actually went to the toilet to clean the mussel because it was all dirty with sauce...I still have no idea when he took the shell off my plate.Sneaky lad! Ever since,we've been there quite a few times,so Jamie Oliver Italians easily became our favourite restaurant in the UK.

That means that I have to plan my wedding now(Wish me good luck!).
Now,I will have to keep you updated with the preparations for the wedding. If you have any wedding ideas-decorations,DIY,interactive stuff for the guests,nice web pages,oh please let me know...Currently I am searching on Pinterest and I have added some ideas/boards. You can follow me HERE.

I hope you enjoyed reading our story :)