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EN: Coco Fashion!

Have you heard about
It's a store selling asian- mainly korean fashion branded clothing for women, but they also sell bags and shoes,lingerie, almost everything a woman needs.
The price of the products is so good,you can buy a lot of pretty clothes with less money!
And if you buy more than 10 items, you have a discount!
My newest obsession are the dresses,and there are a lot of cute dresses on CocoFashion.
Here are my favourite ones:

It's great that every product has the size written in the description so you can see if it fits you,and you can see there what fabric was used.
I saw that they have a Spring-Summer Collection(awesome!!) and here are a couple of items from their new collection:


price: 11.14$




Price: 9.08$

price: 7.33$

On the first page of the site you can see the shipping cost and there is no minimum order!If you want to buy an item,you have to register on the site(it doesn't take more than 1 minute) .
You can also subscribe to their page to get via email the latest trends&hottest sales and offers.
Cocofashion has a live chat option,so if you want to contact them it's very easy.

I really like this site and I can hardly wait for my first package to come!

What's your favourite product from ?