Children's Oral Hygiene

Teaching kids about oral hygiene


I remember when I was a child that there wasn't so much to know on how to keep a good oral health.
Nowadays, we have so much more information and one thing is very clear: you should start cleaning your baby's teeth when they appear.
Children over the age of 3 should brush their teeth twice per day and it's so important to have their individual toothbrush.
 Now, how to choose the perfect tootbrush for your child?

Electric vs Manual Toothbrushes For Kids

If your child is 0-2 year old then manual tootbrushes are quite the only option for now.
For adults, the manual toothbrushes come in three types: with soft, medium and hard bristles; but for children aged 0-2 there are specialy designed manual toothbrushes that come with extra-soft bristles for gentle cleaning and massaging of baby’s teeth and gums.

Electric toothbrushes are recommended for children aged 3+ because children often have trouble cleaning their teeth properly by their own with a manual toothbrush.Often it feels more like a struggle for them and for the parent. An electric toothbrush makes it easier for them to reach all areas with more precision and better friction, meaning better hygiene and less plaque and cavities.

Colgate comes with a fun and funky electric toothbrush for children aged 3+ . Colgate Minions Battery Toothbrush is a part of the Minion collection (Kids sure do love Minions!! ) and it has extra soft bristles to gently sweep away plaque, helping to protect gums. It's also got a slim handle and comfortable on/off buttons, really easy to use by your little one.

I remember that I starting using an electric toothbrush when I was 8, but if I could turn back time I would definitely have wanted to use one since I was 3 as it would have saved me years of pain and cavities, so I definitely recommend letting your children use an electric toothbrush after the age of 3 .

Combining fun and duty, this electric toothbrush can help for a consistent dental hygiene.

So tell me, what is your opinion on children's electric toothbrushes? Is your child using one?

Structure Yourself: How To Organise A Freelance Career

Everybody knows the importance of getting organised, and whether you are looking to start your own business or you are trying to start to some sort of freelance life, it's vital to get organised.
And this can be quite a shock to the system, especially when you are used to working a 9 to 5 career.
But if you are looking to get yourself into a freelance way of life or you've got no choice right now, what does it really take to get organised in the most effective sense?

Organise your documents
There will be times when you need to get hired help or you need to send documents straight away.
One of the biggest mistakes many freelancers make is that they type up everything from scratch. It's important to get into the habit of working smart rather than working hard.
When it comes to various documents, whether they are legal or professionally oriented, there are resources like to take advantage of.
Organising your documents is all about ensuring these things are easy to access, especially when you need to get on with the task at hand.
When it comes to admin it's important to remember that, as frustrating as this can be, this is what will underpin your entire organisational prowess.

Find a system to manage your time
It sounds incredibly obvious but you need something in place to make sure that you are able to stick to some sort of structure.
Time management is vital for any freelancer and on there are some great reasons to understand.
But if you don't have a structure in place or a system to manage your time, you will soon realise the errors of your ways.
It doesn't necessarily have to be for the benefit of your working day but it could be a working method to ensure that you're not spending 12 to 14 hours a day on these tasks.
Resources like the Pomodoro method or getting an understanding of Parkinson’s law can provide you with some clarity in managing your time effectively.
And with Parkinson’s law, where the idea is that the work we do subconsciously fits the task, we can use this to our advantage by slowly tightening the deadlines.

Setting aside personal time
We can focus on getting ourselves organised for the benefit of the work but when we neglect our downtime this has a negative effect on our abilities to be productive, not to mention the fact that it can have an adverse impact on the people that live with us.
We have to set aside personal time so we are are not stretching ourselves too thinly. Once you schedule something like downtime way in advance you will maintain productivity and it means that you won't be rushing around to try and fit in a break when it's all proving too much.
Breaks and downtime should be a key part of your schedule.

We all know the importance of being organised but we don't know how crucial it is until we are relying on ourselves. For those people that work full-time jobs, the structure is usually there for them.
When we make the move to doing everything themselves, this is when we've got to truly get to grips with everything.

Best Family Phone Deals For You And Your Loved Ones

(Photo by YTCount on Unsplash)

Some people might think that finishing school means saying goodbye to test scores and the like forever.
While they’re not wrong, there is one score that follows you around for your adult life and can impact your purchasing options: your credit score.
A credit score is a score ranging from 350-800 that determines your creditworthiness. In layman’s terms, it’s a track record for your spending and lending history.
The more you pay your bills on time and pay off any outstanding debts, the higher it goes, and vice versa.
Naturally, a low credit score can significantly limit your buying options, especially for higher-end investments like houses, cars, and even phones.

But there is some good news about buying a new phone with a low credit score: many carriers have payment programs that eliminate credit checks, thereby facilitating the process and getting a new phone into your hands as soon as possible.
Today, we’re going to talk a little about how you can take advantage of these consumer-friendly programs that don’t discriminate against people with lower credit scores.

Go with a prepaid carrier

Prepaid cell phone plans are a solid choice for those with not-so-sterling credit scores.
Because you’re paying monthly, mobile carriers are less likely to deal with the fallout should you be unable to make a payment.
The four leading mobile carriers in the U.S., Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T, all provide prepaid plans that typically run for less than their traditional programs.
Other smaller carriers offer only prepaid plans, like Boost Mobile and Cricket Wireless.
One of the perks of these smaller carriers is that they’re often owned by one of the more prominent carriers, therefore combining the coverage of a big carrier with lower prices. Talk about a win-win!

Find a cosigner

Remember your late teens and early twenties when the term ‘bad credit’ hardly registered on your radar?
These were also the days when you needed a cosigner to do anything significant, such as renting an apartment or leasing your first car.
Fortunately, you can still opt for a cosigner even if you’re well into adulthood and stuck with a low credit score.
Of course, your cosigner will need to have a good credit score (that’s the whole point of having a cosigner). However, unlike an apartment lease, your name will not appear on the payment agreement--only your cosigner’s will.
If you’re interested in maintaining a friendship with your cosigner, though, you’ll want to make your payments on time.
Otherwise, your cosigner will have to foot the bill, which could sour any good feelings between you two pretty quickly.

Rent-to-own companies

Several rent-to-own financing companies help people with bad credit purchase phones on a payment plan.
One of these companies, FlexShopper, offers a list of payment plan options for the buyer.
You can choose to make weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly payments, which are spread over a year. To qualify for one of FlexShopper’s payment programs, you must be a U.S. citizen over 18 years old and also must have a monthly income of over $100.
Using FlexShopper is quite easy, too: log onto their website and create an account first. After filling out and submitting the application form, choose a phone, and wait for it to be delivered.
You will then sign a leasing agreement upon your new phone’s delivery. Pretty simple, right?

Another great rent-to-own financing company is LeaseVille. It’s nearly identical to FlexShopper in that it requires no credit check, you can choose how often you’d like to pay, and you need to sign up and submit an application with LeaseVille before receiving your phone.
The only minor difference between FlexShopper and LeaseVille is that unlike FlexShopper, LeaseVille requires your social security number to sign up for its services, have an active U.S. bank account, and also have a consistent income.

If you often worry that your low credit score will prevent you from enjoying some of the finer, newer things in life, let this information put you at ease.
There are plenty of viable options you can take advantage of to upgrade your phone, at least in the case of phones.
Even if you’re not so keen on the options mentioned here, it’s possible to join an existing family mobile plan with no additional credit check.
As you can see, a low credit score is not the obstacle you’d expect it to be when buying a new phone, and knowing there are companies out there ready to help you purchase a new phone should reassure you.

How Our Broadband Choice Affects Our Netflix Binges

Streaming services like Netflix have boomed in popularity in recent times. However, the popularity of Netflix is set to sore further with most of the nation being on lockdown. To make sure you enjoy Netflix properly, you will need to have a good Internet connection. Otherwise, you could be faced with annoying issues, such as the program lagging. With that in mind, continue reading to discover everything you need to know about how your choice of broadband is going to have an impact on your Netflix binges.

What is a good broadband for streaming?
You may think that the same sort of broadband is going to suffice across all streaming platforms. However, there’s not the case. For standard streaming on the likes of BBC iPlayer, you’re going to need a minimum of 1.5 megabits per second (Mbps). For HD quality, 2.8Mbps is recommended. For Netflix, though, you’re going to need more of this. You will require around 3Mbps for the standard streaming service, whereas a minimum speed of 5Mbps is recommended for HD quality. If you’re after Ultra HD, you’re really going to need around 25Mbps for Netflix.

Checking your connection speed
If you’ve been reading this so far and thinking “I have no clue how fast my Internet is” - don’t worry. There are a lot of devices that give you the ability to check your connection speed through the Netflix app. The process is really simple, and we will guide you through it. So, you will need to start by selecting the gear icon or settings. If you do not see a gear icon, it means this feature is not supported on your device. There are websites available that can help you test your broadband’s speed, so you can explore this further.

If you have been able to locate the gear, you should then choose ‘check your network.’ The app should then verify that you are able to connect to the Internet and reach the servers at Netflix. It is also going to check your connection speed. Once the test has finished, you need to make sure the speed matches the minimum speeds that were recommended in the section above. If your connection is slower than you were expecting, it is a good idea to get in touch with your Internet provider for some help.

Are broadband providers going to be able to cope with the increased demand?
You may be worried that you’re going to struggle to enjoy Netflix as you usually would because of the increased demand placed on Internet providers during the lockdown. Nevertheless, BT is one of the Internetproviders that have moved quickly to reassure customers that they have nothing to worry about in this regard.

It was announced by Netflix that in an effort to reduce data use they would be lowering the picture quality of films in Europe. BT, though, has stated that both evening and daytime usage are still a lot lower than the highest levels the company has ever recorded. This is despite the fact that data use on the network has increased by 35 to 60 per cent. This isn’t something to be concerned about according to the company. They have stated that this use is well within a manageable range, and there is plenty of headroom to cope should data demand increase further.

Other ways to speed up Netflix
Aside from choosing a broadband provider and package with care, there are some other ways you can speed up Netflix. For example, something as simple as keeping Microsoft Silverlight up-to-date on your PC will make a difference. Silverlight is an application framework design for writing and running rich Internet applications. Despite having other functions, it supports streaming on Netflix media. Quality and streaming speeds can take a hit if the software is outdated. In terms of watching Netflix on your mobile phone, it could be as simple as closing some of the applications that you have running in order to lighten the load. You may be surprised by just how much of a difference this can make to your Netflix binging experience.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of how your choice of broadband impacts your use of Netflix. Nevertheless, if you’re concerned that you’re going to struggle to get the best out of Netflix while the nation is on lockdown, it seems we’re a long way from anything happening that will dampen your TV binges!

Last Minute Christmas Gifts


Yesterday I've been having so many contradictory thoughts when thinking what should I buy for my husband.Christmas is getting closer and closer, the stores are getting more crowded than usual and the panic starts kicking in.

Over the last couple of years, I've always left the gift buying for the last moment.What can I say?! I'm a busy woman. :)
So, I have a few options that I think that my husband would like for Christmas.

Option number one: Today I went for a free eye check and surprise surprise, I will need to wear glasses every now and again, but what I want to say is that this place was next door to a pet shop. My husband is crazy after fish.We've had fish when we were and after we finished Uni, and he never stops reminding me of how much he misses having a tank with small fish. Extremly relaxing and fun to look at,but we don't have the time to care after them.Also,the humidity from the tank makes me have second thoughts.

If your partner is a technology geek- just like mine is - then the gift choice is pretty clear.
Let me explain to you how Nick is - when he wants something, there's no review left unread for the products, Nick has to know everything: specifications,cost, efficiency  how the competition presents itself.Therefore, I cannot dissapoint-I have to do the same thing.This leads me to option number two: a fitness tracker. Not only that he likes being active, but he used to play professional basket ball a few years ago and still enhoys doing sports.Luckily,I found a website that reviews, compares and contrasts only the best quality smart watches out there, so I got my eye on a few products.

Option number three: Going on a holiday. I've been praying to go on a holiday ,just the two of us for almost one year, but 2019 was...hecktic to say the least, you know that we have our own business now, Nick Calini Photography &Videography and that's extremly time consuming.We love love love what we do, but many times this means that we will spend more time together indoors editing and less time travelling and just chilling. It all comes with a cost,so booking a holiday might not be the best idea right now, but it's still something on my mind.

Please do let me know, did you manage to buy the Christmas presents?Can you give me any ideas,which option should I pick?? :)

Leeds Light Night


The last couple of weeks-what am I even saying, months- my schedule has become hectic. I've been working non stop for at least 12h/day and weekends included.If I think about it, in the last half a year I've had max 3-5 days that were my selfish days,meaning I would just relax and forget about the things that need doing,so having a day off was a complete luxury.Anyway you can read more about what I've been up to with Nick Calini Photography over here.
So thinking about all the hard work that I've put into our business I've decided that enough was enough and  that we should have a date night, out in Leeds.
Friday night we've been fortunate enough to catch the last day of Light Night. If you've never been to Light Night,please go next year, it's an absolute treat for your little one and a delight for adults as well.There are different locations throughout Leeds City Centre where you can see different shows, loads of good food and just good vibes all around.

This was for sure the best night that we've had in a long time.
If you follow me on Instagram,you might have noticed that...I have not posted anything about it,and it's not because I didn't want to.
Why didn't I post anything ? Well...this makes me feel a bit uncomfortable, but the truth is...
I am on a pay as you go sim card,sometimes it works for me , but every now and again I just run out of credit without warning. I've been going on like this ever since I came to the UK almost 6 years ago.
When you are on a pay as you go sim, sometimes you realised you just run out of credit in the most important moments...when you have to make an important phone call, when there's a special event, when there's an emergency...

when there's an emergency...
For the last couple of months I've had to speak with our clients and having a business there's always something to sort out,so having unlimited data, unlimited texts and unlimited minutes is a must.

Trying to fix this problem I've started to look for unlimited sim only deals, and after doing my research I found out that it would only cost me a couple of pounds extra per month to benefit from …let’s call it a stress free , peace of mind mobile plan.

There are so many network providers offering good deals ,I haven’t changed mine since coming to the UK, and I was so happy to see that 3mobile network is also offering the unlimited sim data.
The price range is between £18.75 and £44 per month, so there’s a package to suit every pocket.

Now, talking from a blogger's point of view, I remember a very famous blogger/vlogger saying about events ' if you're not posting in that exact moment and you're not letting your audience know about it you're irrelevant' . These exact words went through my mind on Friday night, at Light Night in Leeds.

Now tell me, what are your thoughts on this?Have you ever been to Light Night Leeds? 😊

Ps: You can see my Last Minute Christmas post here.

eShores Event

Not long ago I was kindly invited to the eShores event,which took place in Leeds City Center, at the Lambert's Yard where we got a bit of a taste of what the USA feels like. Personally, I have never been to the States, so this event sparked my curiosity .
I have arrived at the event with my fellow bloggers Lucy and Emma and we also met there the lovely Mr. Luke Christian. 

The evening started with some delicious cocktails all inspired by San Fransisco and made by Anthony from Mix & Twist.These were:

  • Wall Banger – Vodka, Mango & Pineapple Juice, Mint & Galliano
  • San Francisco – Vodka, Cherry Brandy, Lime & Sugar
  • Pornstar Martini – Vanilla Vodka, Lemon, Pineapple Juice & Passionfruit syrup
  • Californian Ginjito – gin, Mint, Apple Juice, Lime, Sugar & Soda

My favourite ones were Pornstar Martini and Wall Banger.

The food was inspired by Los Angeles and made by Bears Pantry.For the starter I had the vegetarian Tacos and this was the first time that I had jackfruit.And I liked it! :)
We continued with a fried chicken sandwich and the incredible Vegas Greek Yoghurt Martini. Amazing dessert, especially for the summer time.
I do want to mention that I have stopped being gluten free for a few months, but I want to go back to the gluten free lifestyle.

Inspired by Las Vegas, we were entertained by Sebastian Walton, a very talented magician and the main photographer of the event was ElouisaI just love participating at these kind of events as that's the perfect occasion for a fun day out,have new experiences and also meet new bloggers that can end up becoming your friends. :)

eShores are offering you a £100 discount when you are booking a holiday with them, how amazing is that?! All you need to do is quote “USA/LeedsEvent”. They are offering tailor made itineraries, so there's a perfect holiday for everyone, just make sure that you will contact them to find out more.

Tell me, have you travelled to the USA ?

When You Open Your Own Business - Our struggles and advices

I've been a bit on and off with my blog recently, so many things have changed in a short period of time and it was completely unexpected.
The last couple of months have been so hard, so beautiful, so time consuming and so rewarding at the same time. A beautiful chaos if you might ask me.

It all started when I asked Nick to take pictures for me at events because :1. I cannot take quality pictures of myself with a DSLR and 2. my time there is so much more enjoyable when I got him around.
This is how was created.I told Nick 'hey,we are already doing so many things why aren't you opening your own blog where you can write about your own experiences ?'. He did open the blog and obsessively started learning about cameras and Photoshop. He would spend 12 hours in a row looking at tutorials and doing masterclasses.
We started investing in lighting and equipment and his skills were improving quicker than ever expected.When people started to ask for his services we knew for sure. We can turn this into a business.
Ever since, I've been working with Nick Calini on his new photography business.If you need a photographer in Leeds Bradford , feel free to contact him.

What should you know when building your business from 0 ?

It will be time consuming. The beginnings are the hardest and you will have to spend every moment of your free time working for your goals. There's always going to be something to do,something to solve,something to improve.

You will have to invest a lot.You can never be prepared enough when it comes to building a business,there's always going to be unexpected expenses,that's why it's good to have a good amount of savings or if you run out of money, a short term loan such as can be a good solution.Buying equipment can be very pricey,so keep this in mind.

You will need help.One person can't do it all, so if any of your family members can help with the small things, such as writing an email or picking up the phone or who knows, even SEO , then don't refuse them.

Networking is key.'It's not what you know, it's who you know that matters most' . Sounds familiar? I bet it does. You can be the absolute best at what you do and it doesn't matter if people don't know about what you're offering. That's why you have to get out there, and know like minded people who can help you promote what it is that you're doing. Knowing the right people will make your business thrive ,you can find mentors and people that can put you in contact with the ones that want to help you.Literally, your whole life can change over night if you meet the right people.

These are a few of the things that I've learned ever since we started our own photography business.
Tell me, do you have your own business? Do you want to start your own business? What are the struggles that you are facing currently?

You can know more about and my lifestyle.
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Whenever I think about this recipe I think about celebrations and New Years Eve.
This was one of my favourite starters that my mom has ever made, almost 12 years ago , and ever since it’s been my first option whenever I have to make some starters for a party or I just want a light and tasty snack.
As I said before,it doesn’t matter if you change one ingredient because you will still have a tasty recipe ,so today I will use goats cheese combined with soft cheese, but if you’re not a fan of goats cheese that’s all right, you can remove it from the recipe and only use soft cheese. It’s just as delicious!

















Modern Renaissance Makeup Look

Inspired by Anastasia Beverly Hill’s most well known palette, Modern Renaissance, I created this feminine, sweet ,playful but also dramatic  look using mostly Love Letter and Venetian Red as the intense pink shades .
the orange shades from the 10th year anniversary palette from Kat von D combined with the mono eyeshadow burnt from Makeup obsession complimented the final look.
If you want me to film a tutorial to show you how i did this make-up or have any questions leave a comment and I will be happy to respond. You can find the complete list of products used below.