Things to consider when decorating your new flat

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Yesterday I've spoken to my best friend about how things are going for her, how did her working environment change since the pandemic and how is she spending her weekends now that the restaurants and pubs are on the verge of closing- and her answer really surprised me. She told me that she doesn't have that much of a spare time because she is decorating her new apartment. She also complained how expensive things were and that the quality isn't actually reflected in the price.       

With that in mind, I feel that most of my friends have recently bought a new flat or house - even close relatives of mine.When I bought my house everything was almost brand new, so I didn't have to go from shop to shop to design my perfect home. 

Two months ago, when visiting Transylvania, I was asked to give my opinion with choosing pretty much everything that you need to completely redecorate a house. From door handles to toilets, we've spent in one shop roughly 2-3 hours.And there were plenty of shops to visit!

One of the hardest things to do was picking the right tiles and wood flooring . We've spend around one hour just staring at them and comparing the quality, price, shapes and sizes. I am very peculiar when choosing the wooden floor. It can completely change the look of a room in good or it can completely ruin it- depends on how your inner artist can mix and match it with furniture, colours and different objects.

If I want my room to look brighter, then I will always choose a light colour, such as white or light grey. If I want it to look more masculine or bold, then I will always go either for a very dark color such as chestnut or a very rustic look, I'll go for oak. 

I will always go for a solid wood flooring, as there's where you can actually see the quality- it just lasts longer in time. And knowing that it's not cheap replacing your flooring, when you do it, you better do it right.

When redecorating your house, what was your hardest decision to make?

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