I got robbed and what I did about it.

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 It was end of August when I looked at my fence and noticed this piece of wood that was broken. Weird, I thought. I looked at my security camera and seen that hours before, at 4 am a lad jumped into our garden and efortlessly took my egg chair in his back and off he went with it. I immediately started shaking and burst into tears.

That chair had sentimental value for me. I've dreamt of having one for over 3 years and when I finally got it, it was my safe space. Every single sunny day after breakfast I would go outsite and lay in there, soaking in the sun. Sometimes I would read a book while I was relaxing in the chair, hearing the birds. It really got to me. That day I went from neighbour to neighbour to ask if they had cctv cameras, to ask if they heard something. 

I checked ad after ad, marketplace, gumtree, any platform that they could have sold it on. Day after day, night after night I went patroling the streets with Nick hoping that we will find it, but we didn't. It was a distressing experience that left me angry and feeling hopeless for weeks, until I decided that I need to take action. We've talked for years about expanding our family with a dog and this was the perfect opportunity, so our final choice was a german shepherd- loyal, reliable, smart and extremly protective. This is how Alma came into our lives.

After that we decided that it was too easy for others to jump the fence, so we installed some sharp spikes.We bought them online and after placing them we put some signs of warning on the fence near them. Don't say we didn't warn you!

While I was looking at the footage with the guy taking my chair I realised that at some point the light near our home turned on as it had sensors- he didn't even care, he actually tried to have a good look at what was inside our living room, but the curtains were on. That's why we got an alarm system inside that's with movement sensors. 

Also, to make sure that we'll try to make our home as safe as we can for ourselves, we decided that Patlock was the best solution as we've seen ads about it on police & neighbourhood watch websites and groups . It provides us with extra security and it's easy to use, it literally takes seconds for us to put on, take off. Patlock is easy to fit and works by holding the internal door handles secure, meaning the external handles cannot be operated. This ensures that the door mechanism remains in the locked position, even if the locks are snapped or removed. So we use it whenever we are out or at night. Better safe than sorry!

This is my experience from the end of summer 2020. Did anything similar happened to you?

If yes, what did you do about it?

*Patlock was a gifted product

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