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Looking outside my window I see tiny snowflakes falling gently out of the sky...I thought we were done with winter.I guess not...Days like this can only  make me go downstairs and have a hot cup of tea , mint tea to be more precise.My mind wanders back to my very first holiday abroad with Nick, I think that you really can't forget that feeling,can you?

It went like this:
My job was stressing me out. I felt that I couldn't grow anymore but at the same time I was overwhelmed with the amount of work, so I quit my job.Friday afternoon,at 1 pm I left work and went straight to the airport with Nick.We were so excited, but at the same time didn't know what to expect,we just don't like to google the place when planning a trip,we prefer to discover new places by ourselves.
We arrived to Malaga late as the sun was setting down and we took a taxi to our first hotel where we had to spend just one night.Surprise surprise,when we arrived we realised that we have booked a room at a hotel right next to a .... brothel.It wasn't bad at all though, it was quiet and the room was nice.:)

The next morning we took the train to Benalmadena where we spend the rest of our vacation at Hotel Siroco .We got this trip at such a good price; if I remember correctly it was discounted so we ended up paying a total of 360 euro for 5 nights and it was an all inclusive holiday .(meals included,but not the drinks)
The food was amazing!Fresh fruit, veggies, all types of meat, pastry , cake,you name it! They had it.
 It was so good that we did not have to eat out at all and everyday the menu was different.
I ate churros and olives every time I could and whenever we were having lunch a jug of Sangria  was essential..We just couldn't get enough !

Things to do in Benalmadena:

Hop on a tour bus
Visit SeaLife
Go with the Teleferico
Visit the port
Go on a boat tour
Visit Selwo Marina

There are plenty of other activities to try out,but we tried just the ones above so I can only recommend you these ones.I would advise if you want to buy tickets for different activities to always check with the 
agencies,they have the best deals .

And don't forget to relax and enjoy your time!

Have you ever been to Benalmadena? Would you visit it?

Travel seriers: Rota D'Imagna Hotel Miramonti

Today I miss going on holiday. This year my only true holiday was to Fuerteventura , but that was just  for 3 days so it was very short...too short.
Browsing through my computer I stumbled upon the pictures that me and Nick took one year go , in Italy , where we had the dreamiest vacation ever. 8 locations,16 days.
We landed in Bergamo where we took a couple of buses to arrive to Rota D'imagna.
Google maps was our help and of course, asking people on the street how to get from one point to the other.
Rota D'Imagna is amazing . You quickly get lost into the imposing landscape , there are mountains surrounding chic and clean little villages and you immediately think ' there's no place i'd rather be '.
Our first stay was at  Hotel Miramonti,where we spend our first two days . Our room looked like this:

It's the perfect place to relax.You can rent electric bicycles, electric cars or you can spend your whole day at the SPA.

The food was amazing,we really enjoyed the local cheese,meats and croissants .

What i liked most about this place is the fact that the staff was always there if you needed anything , more than that , if you got lost exploring the surrounding areas the only thing you had to do was ring the reception and someone would come and pick you up . When we left we needed transfer from the hotel to the nearest bus station,so they drove us free of charge . Amazing!
The view from any room just takes your breath away . We had so much fun and cannot wait to go there again . :)

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