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Moonpig #MerrierTogether Event

'It's the most wonderful time of the year'-I find myself with this song stuck in my head, repeating over and over again.I really hope that you are just as excited as I am for this period of the year.

With Christmas just around the corner, Moonpig invited me for a fun filled day at Revolution,Electric Press ,in Leeds City Centre,to celebrate Christmas together .

Welcomed with mulled wine and warm smiles,  Moonpig put our creativity to the test for activities such as : drawing on our own tote bags, making our own cocktails, making Christmas wreaths and creating our personalised photo cards.We even met Santa!
I was so happy to see known faces but also to meet new ones, I feel that the lovely ladies that organised this event did the best job at  bringing the blogger community together.
We even made our very own personalised Christmas Cards on the Moonpig website, which I received in a couple of days and it looks fab!
I gave my Christmas Card to my mom ,and she was so happy as I will be far away from her this year,but I will meet her again in late January.My Christmas card included the lovely Mr. Luke and Emma.

It was such an interactive day, I had the best time,I think that you can see that from the pictures,thank you for inviting me ! :)

For me ,Christmas is the time to be grateful for all that I have, to be more forgiving and selfless and to help more the ones in need.

All the photos are taken by Matt at the Moonpig #MerrierTogether event.

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Celebrating 40 years of Jukeboxes with Leisure Sound


No matter how tired,annoyed or bad I feel,I know that the right song can put me in a good mood. Let me take you back to last Thursday.I had 'one of those days' and I thought that taking a short nap will sort it out.Two hours later I woke up, not feeling my best and I realised that we were already late to Sound Leisure's event in Leeds. 'Damn it' I thought.We are already so late,'Should we still go?'. My desire of seeing Jukeboxes overtook my bad mood, so I quickly grabbed some clothes and rushed out the door.
When we arrived at Victoria Gate Leeds, almost everyone left , but that wasn't necessarily a bad thing because we had more time to chat with Ellie,Emily,Tom, Chris and his wife.

You can visit the popup store at Victoria Gate until the 18th of April, where you will be greeted by Chris Black,the managing director of Sound Leisure.
Ask this man everything about Jukeboxes and he knows it! His father started this business 40 years ago and it is a family run business with over 100 employees. 
His company produces them from scratch and they are the world's only manufacturer of vinyl jukeboxes.Did I mention that they are producing them in Leeds?

The Jukeboxes are of the highest quality, with different designs and features.
It was extremely hard for me to pick a favourite one,but I was already imagining the white one in my makeup room. Nick's favourite one was Rocket .

You can also admire the Rocket Jukebox in the newest trailer of Jurassic World 2 .
You can get your very own personalised Jukebox from Sound Leisure, so feel free to contact them.

Maybe it was the atmosphere,maybe it was talking to inspiring people, but I've learned my lesson.
No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and always show up!

10th Year Anniversary of Denham and Interview with Jason Denham

I've just arrived home. After a fun filled Weekend and Monday (  yes , I did take a day off work ) , some of the first things that I did was to bake a gluten free bread , unpack my luggage and go straight on my blog to post this article. If you follow me on Instagram , you would have seen that over the weekend I have attended Blog At The Beach and now I feel so inspired by all the amazing bloggers that I have spoken to.

In my opinion,one of the biggest  rewards of being a blogger is meeting new people and making contacts. People that have similar passions , that are driven and can inspire you .
The last event of 2017 that I have attended was the 10 th year anniversary party of the brand Denham.

The event took place at the Denham Store in Leeds . Have you seen the store? If not , you should . It's  one of those stores where you can really appreciate the details even when it comes to its design and not just the clothes.I have seen on their Instagram that they have a huge sale going on these days , up to 50% off so it's worth checking them out. 

I have looked at the limited edition collection and some pieces really amazed me . The high quality of the materials is  just undeniable .
Me and Nick were lucky enough to meet Jason Denham ,the designer of the brand and we couldn't be more surprised how nice  and down to Earth he is , for such a known person.

Are you a customer of Denham?What do you think?

Admiral Male Grooming Launch Event in Leeds + GIVEAWAY


           I always felt that men were a little left out when it comes to fashion and skincare products . Really now , just take a look inside the shops . It's always 70% for women , and a maximum of 30%  for men (I'm being generous) , so it's great to see there are brands that actually care about diversity.

              I talked for a couple of minutes to Paula about the brand and the concept behind it .She is very proud to say that Admiral Grooming products contain natural ingredients from all over the UK  and that the products are manufactured here as well .
You can buy the products online,but you will also find them in stores just in time for Christmas . I got a little tip for you: if you shop online and enter the code ADMIRAL30 you will get 30% off your purchase . A perfect birthday or Christmas prezzie for your loved one. :)
             My husband was very pleased to try the products , his favourite ones are the Beard Oil and the Detoxifying Facial Scrub.
            We had such a lovely time at the launch of Admiral Male Grooming products, Jamie Peacock told us some very inspirational stories from when he was a rugby player and we met some incredible people.

                FAITH - SANDALS
                TK MAXX-HANDBAG
                ROX- NECKLACE

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