Christmas presents without breaking the budget

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How's it going with the Christmas preparations? Did you manage to buy your loved ones prezzies?

I've been to Leeds City Centre today to do some Christmas shopping and let me tell you, I'm not sure that you want to be there in the weekends. Don't get me wrong, I love the Christmas Spirit and the way that the stores look, all festive with sparkly lights and huge bulbs in the windows, but in the weekend the city gets sooo overcrowded that I felt a bit overwhelmed. There were actually stores that I have avoided because you just couldn't move. I remember arriving in Leeds at 11 am and the car park was half empty and by 2 pm there were cars parked everywhere and drivers struggling to find a spot.

Times like this makes me want to stick to my online shopping but I also find myself going in store to try beauty products for example and afterwards ordering them online because I might find really good discounts that I couldn't have found in store.Also, the variety of products is so much bigger online and if you are lucky you might get free shipping as well with a small discount.

So, talking about Christmas presents, I was searching for some presents for my niece and for my nephew.
Don't you feel that in general it's easier to buy presents for your girl friends rather than for your mates?Or is this just a thing of mine?
On the same page, it's so much easier for me to find presents for my niece because I just start thinking about things that I would have loved to receive as a little kid. I've always been fascinated with anything make up related, so I know that a small make up kit for little ladies would do; teddy bears, colouring books, all sorts of toys  and loads of sweets.
 I even loved puzzles, that's what I used to receive almost every Christmas and my favourite one was the one with Cinderella when losing her shoe on the palace's stairs while running to her pumpkin carriage because it was almost midnight.
The thing that I was in awe with every time, was when I used to receive dolls, you can never go wrong with that as a present.My most loved one was a princess Barbie doll, that had some charms as accessories that were changing colour when the temperature was too high or low.Cool,right? It was for me in early 2000's.

Whenever I'm on the look for a bargain present I also look on sites such as , where I can find presents for all my family.

Tell me,what would you like to receive for Christmas?

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