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I cannot believe that it's been already one year!

             I bought my house with Nick one year ago . It was a long and very tiring process .
I will give you a couple of tips and tricks on how to get a loan the easy way and the first steps when buying a house.
             First , you need money,then you need a mortgage adviser . The mortgage adviser will do some of the work for you , but you need a good credit score to receive a loan.
             How do you build a good credit score?Pay all your taxes , pay all your bills and register to vote!
            Why is your credit score important ? The thing is that every time you apply for a loan,the bank checks your credit score . If one of the banks refuses to give you a loan , your credit score drops .  This was also my case . They refused to give me a loan for the fact that I had 3 jobs in 2 years .
            As an alternative,depending on how much money you need , can also apply for loans for bad credit .

            We had to save loads of money : the 5% for first buyers , payment for our mortgage adviser , solicitors and the hidden fees . This last category really got us struggling ,I believe that companies should be forbidden to ask for hidden fees , but when your 10 page contract has a small written condition that more fees can apply,there's nothing you can do,so read any contract really carefully.
Those small hidden fees cost us some of the money we have planned to use for buying our furniture.

Do you plan on buying a house?

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Keep yourself warm

Do you live in Spain or any other hot, sunny country with a long summer and pretty blue sky?If so,you are so , so lucky!
But if you live in England , you must know that summer is very short , and the temperatures are not so high.
When I first moved to the UK I wasn't expecting so much rain and such low temperatures!
My first rent was very nice,a small cozy flat with only one room but enough for me and my boyfriend.

The cold weather gets me down very easy ,so when I'm in my room,I want to feel the heat.
I was super happy that my landlord had installed electric radiators .What a relief!
Such a quick and simple way to warm yourself and the room !

They are safe to use,safety is the no.1 priority for me.
I really prefer electric radiators because they are so simple to use,and you can also programme them to start heating the house just before you come home from work.
Also,they can be a great alternative if you want to save money on your  heating bill,some types of radiators can help you save up to 50% .

If you are redecorationg your house or just want to change your radiators , you can see HERE more options of radiators at good prices.


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Also,you can take a warm bath:

How to Make Your Bedroom Look Luxurious

 Hi,loves! :)
If you have spent any time in a high end hotel, you already know that those rooms are luxurious and soothing at the same time. The room seems to grab a hold of your in comfort and give you one amazing night sleep. Can you imagine having that feeling every night when you get ready to go to bed? I was able to transform my bedroom with a few simple changes, and now I feel like I am sleeping in a five start hotel room each night.

The first thing I did was throw away my ten year old mattress and started looking for a new large mattress. I found a great selection of super king size mattresses online at CutPriceMattresses.  Even better still this enormous mattress was delivered the very next day. Now the first thing I did was pile up the pillows on the bed. Rather than just the two pillows at the top of the bed, I placed eight different pillows, ranging in size from really large to small, arranged in a way that made the bed look extremely inviting.
The next thing I did was upgrade my ceiling fan. Although that old white ceiling fan did provide a vital service, it was dated and looked like it belonged in a child's room. So I choose a nice bamboo paddle fan, something you would see outside at a Tiki bar in a tropical paradise. It was both elegant and functional, and really helped to create a luxurious feel in my bedroom.

The next thing I did was get longer and heavier curtains for all the windows in the bedroom. The length of the curtains helped to make the room appear bigger, providing me that extra focus to my beautiful king bed posts. The curtains also were heavy enough to block out light at night and dull noises from the neighborhood, a huge plus for my sleeping habits.

I purchased some candles that matched the bed set and curtains, then placed them on the dresser, end tables, and the top of the tall dresser. They help to set a romantic mood as well as give the room that classy look and feel.

One thing I loved about the hotel rooms I frequent is the cozy sitting area. I took my cue from there and got a comfortable chair for the corner, a unique overhead lamp, and placed them on a thick rug. The area helps to give me a place to unwind rather than laying down on the bed.

Have you done any changes to your room?