How to Make Your Bedroom Look Luxurious

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If you have spent any time in a high end hotel, you already know that those rooms are luxurious and soothing at the same time. The room seems to grab a hold of your in comfort and give you one amazing night sleep. Can you imagine having that feeling every night when you get ready to go to bed? I was able to transform my bedroom with a few simple changes, and now I feel like I am sleeping in a five start hotel room each night.

The first thing I did was throw away my ten year old mattress and started looking for a new large mattress. I found a great selection of super king size mattresses online at CutPriceMattresses.  Even better still this enormous mattress was delivered the very next day. Now the first thing I did was pile up the pillows on the bed. Rather than just the two pillows at the top of the bed, I placed eight different pillows, ranging in size from really large to small, arranged in a way that made the bed look extremely inviting.
The next thing I did was upgrade my ceiling fan. Although that old white ceiling fan did provide a vital service, it was dated and looked like it belonged in a child's room. So I choose a nice bamboo paddle fan, something you would see outside at a Tiki bar in a tropical paradise. It was both elegant and functional, and really helped to create a luxurious feel in my bedroom.

The next thing I did was get longer and heavier curtains for all the windows in the bedroom. The length of the curtains helped to make the room appear bigger, providing me that extra focus to my beautiful king bed posts. The curtains also were heavy enough to block out light at night and dull noises from the neighborhood, a huge plus for my sleeping habits.

I purchased some candles that matched the bed set and curtains, then placed them on the dresser, end tables, and the top of the tall dresser. They help to set a romantic mood as well as give the room that classy look and feel.

One thing I loved about the hotel rooms I frequent is the cozy sitting area. I took my cue from there and got a comfortable chair for the corner, a unique overhead lamp, and placed them on a thick rug. The area helps to give me a place to unwind rather than laying down on the bed.

Have you done any changes to your room?


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