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Do Girls Play Golf?!

It was almost two weeks ago when I and Nick got invited for a golf lesson on a Wednesday evening.Don't you feel that if you have different activities rather than just your usual weekly routine, time passes by faster and you feel more energised? Or is it just me?

At first,when I received the email with the invitation I got really excited, but afterwards I felt a bit concerned.The questions that were wandering through my mind were: 'What if I won't be good at it? What if I won't like it? Do girls play Golf !?
Every concern just faded away when I stepped inside the Leeds Golf Center and I was welcomed with the warmest smile .
Me, Nick and Jade  were introduced to our instructor, Nathan.He explained to us the first steps ,told us about the clubs and showed us how to use them.
My start was a bit rough, I didn't manage to master the swing, but Nathan was so patient with all of us and was always there to help us when needed .
I got to admit it, at some point I was completely off, but I could always hear a nice word for my effort ' Nice try! Good one!' .

I couldn't help but notice that there were people of all ages, from juniors to seniors, from one to groups ,having a great time .We felt really welcomed and enjoyed our time there so after the lesson we all went for a pint at the restaurant inside the golf centre.

Big thanks to Online Golf for inviting us, I plan on going there again with Nick and bring more mates there because it was a relaxing day and if it wasn't obvious enough, yes,girls do play golf

Now tell me, have you played golf before?

Why it's actually Cool to be Single on Valentine's Day

With Valentine's day fast approaching I see all kinds of messages on Twitter 'Can we skip Valentine's day? ' , 'Even my 17 year old cousin has a date for Valetine but me...' and 'I've decided not to be sad...' .This inspired me to write this article.I know ,I know , why would you take any advice from a married woman ?
Well, I've been single for years and years before meeting Nick , so believe me my fellow peers, I do know how it is to be single on Valentine's day.All the Cafe's that have red candles and balloons , all the heart shaped cakes in the shop windows and the couples on the street that seem to be looking happier than ever...
Instead of feeling bad for yourself , here are some reasons why it's actually cool to be single on Valentine's Day.

1.You don't have to spend your money on a silly present

Valentine's cards, plastic roses, fluffy bears...Just head over to Sainsbury's, they have a whole aisle .
Instead,do you know what you can buy with that money?A nice bottle of wine that you don't have to share with no one.

2.You don't have to get annoyed that he/she forgot to buy you a present

Even with all the marketing around it,  we often leave our shopping (Christmas or Valentine's Day) last minute and sometimes we don't even have the time to do it. So what do we get?A very annoyed partner that bought us a present, and now we feel bad,that's what.
One less thing to stress about.

3.You don't have to get annoyed that he/she had bought you a silly present

Some people might actually remember about it last minute and grab whatever they can find and actually forget that you don't like those things,even if you told her/him again and again.

4.It's better to be single than to be with the wrong person

Instead of wasting your time and energy with the wrong partner it's better to be single.
Being single instead of being with anyone proves that you have a strong personality and that you respect yourself.
Don't forget that Valentine's day is about love in general, so surround yourself with the people that love you , family and friends .

5.You can actually do whatever you want on that day and buy yourself a gift cause you're a badass- BOOM

Just don't think of Valentine's Day as a special day where you tend have 2 options: either be over the moon or  be extremely sad.Treat that day exactly like any other day.
If you want to make it different, just spoil yourself! Buy that amazing pair of shoes that you've been thinking about for days or have a Galantine's Day .

For me, Valentine's day is just another normal day  and I do believe that love shouldn't be celebrated just once per year.Your partner should show you how much he/she cares about you everyday, and not just with presents.
So,instead of feeling down for not having a partner for Valentine's day , take care of yourself, cherish the things that make you unique, try to be your best version and everything else will fall into place.

My 2017 in Pictures-Part 2


I have posted the first part of 2017 in pictures , which you can see if you CLICK HERE.This is part 2 of 2017:

This month we had to relax.The wedding was over and we finally had the time to sit and reflect.Honeymoon was not on our mind.
In the weekends you could have found me in the fields in Horsforth picking strawberries or having a barbecue with our friends and close ones.

Bank Holiday weekend can only mean one thing: a trip to Wales!
We booked a room in  Betws-y-coed and it was fantastic! Wales is absolutely gorgeous,I really have to write a post just about this trip.


September was the month when I attended my first event as a blogger and it was for Admiral.
Also, Nick cut my hair much shorter than expected (and I have donated it)  and our friends came over for one weekend .


This was a very exciting month.My mom, uncle and aunt visited me for a whole week.

I traveled back home to attend Renata Abdullaeva's makeup course and I had to glam up these gorgeous ladies:

November was all about good food and relaxing walks in the park.


This month marked our 8th year anniversary so we had a nice meal in town and we have also traveled to Manchester to attend HIM's concert.We enjoyed every minute of it.

Was 2017 kind to you?I hope that 2018 will bring you everything you need and more !

My 2017 in pictures - part1

Is there a better way to start a new year than reflecting on your last one and making new plans for the future?I don't think so. Reminding myself about how crazy 2017 was  , I wanted to share with you my journey,but this will take two posts.I have too many pictures! :)
Welcome to my world.PRESS PLAY


I started 2017 by surprising my mom with a trip home. I took 5 days off to spend time with her and my grandma.
I was also planning my wedding that was due in June, so I was trying different bridal looks .

Adăugați o legendă


High school dream came true .We finally got the chance to see Green Day , and it was EPIC.
On Valentine's day Nick had to work until late,so I went to pick him from work and we went to dine randomly at a local restaurant.


March was busy . At the beginning of the month I took another trip back home to choose the menus for the wedding.
Unfortunately, Nick couldn't come with me so I was relying on my mom to be with me everywhere.
While I was away,Nick got a bad injury that required more than a month to heal.


I booked a flight for my mom and my grandma to come and visit us for Easter .It was the first time my grandma visited the UK so she was extremly excited .
End of April brought us Nicks birthday so I planned a surprise trip to Fuerteventura and David , his brother , joined us.


One month before the wedding . I was very stressed, we still had to plan a lot of things ,I still had to lose some weight to fit my dress .Needless to say , the last 2 months before our wedding the only thing that I was thinking about was how to organize the wedding.
On my birthday we dinned at Jamie Oliver's Restaurant.


Wedding mood -ON !
Spoiler alert: I didn't end up doing my own makeup.

Special thanks to Mihai Stefan for the pics.
We would like to thank everyone that attended our wedding.You are freakin' amazing.

Part 2 of 2017 will come soon.