Why it's actually Cool to be Single on Valentine's Day

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With Valentine's day fast approaching I see all kinds of messages on Twitter 'Can we skip Valentine's day? ' , 'Even my 17 year old cousin has a date for Valetine but me...' and 'I've decided not to be sad...' .This inspired me to write this article.I know ,I know , why would you take any advice from a married woman ?
Well, I've been single for years and years before meeting Nick , so believe me my fellow peers, I do know how it is to be single on Valentine's day.All the Cafe's that have red candles and balloons , all the heart shaped cakes in the shop windows and the couples on the street that seem to be looking happier than ever...
Instead of feeling bad for yourself , here are some reasons why it's actually cool to be single on Valentine's Day.

1.You don't have to spend your money on a silly present

Valentine's cards, plastic roses, fluffy bears...Just head over to Sainsbury's, they have a whole aisle .
Instead,do you know what you can buy with that money?A nice bottle of wine that you don't have to share with no one.

2.You don't have to get annoyed that he/she forgot to buy you a present

Even with all the marketing around it,  we often leave our shopping (Christmas or Valentine's Day) last minute and sometimes we don't even have the time to do it. So what do we get?A very annoyed partner that bought us a present, and now we feel bad,that's what.
One less thing to stress about.

3.You don't have to get annoyed that he/she had bought you a silly present

Some people might actually remember about it last minute and grab whatever they can find and actually forget that you don't like those things,even if you told her/him again and again.

4.It's better to be single than to be with the wrong person

Instead of wasting your time and energy with the wrong partner it's better to be single.
Being single instead of being with anyone proves that you have a strong personality and that you respect yourself.
Don't forget that Valentine's day is about love in general, so surround yourself with the people that love you , family and friends .

5.You can actually do whatever you want on that day and buy yourself a gift cause you're a badass- BOOM

Just don't think of Valentine's Day as a special day where you tend have 2 options: either be over the moon or  be extremely sad.Treat that day exactly like any other day.
If you want to make it different, just spoil yourself! Buy that amazing pair of shoes that you've been thinking about for days or have a Galantine's Day .

For me, Valentine's day is just another normal day  and I do believe that love shouldn't be celebrated just once per year.Your partner should show you how much he/she cares about you everyday, and not just with presents.
So,instead of feeling down for not having a partner for Valentine's day , take care of yourself, cherish the things that make you unique, try to be your best version and everything else will fall into place.

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  1. Love this post! Although I am in a relationship I love your humour in this post haha! Single people should celebrate just as much as people in relationships I think :D xx Imogen

  2. So with you! I love the idea of treating yourself, I am all for that.. have my eye on a handbag!!

  3. Such a fun post! I definitely think it's different if you're with the right person but I love turning valentines day into Galentines day instead x

    1. Thank you , hun! We have to make it fun,even if we have a partner or not.

  4. Thanks! Very much needed to read post like this.. haha~~ It's great to hv single valentine's day!

    1. Thank you hun! Hope you will have a good one! <3

  5. I totally agree that Valentine’s Day is just another day, I’ve been with my other half for nearly 8 yers and we’ve never celebrated it.

    It’s very marketed like you said and people get upset or angry around this time. People should love and care all year round not just on this day.

    I hope you’ve had a good day lovely

    Gem |

  6. I have partner and we still do not celebrate Valentines day as I believe if you love someone you don't need that one day to say it! And also, being single on Valentines day is also fun, remembering my old days! xxx