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Shopping time!(Victoria's Secret,Yorkshire Soap, Estee Lauder)

While I was away from the online life,I took advantage of all the sales. Here,in the UK ,when it's sale's big.Big like it-will-hurt-your-wallet-BIG. That being said,here is a small haul of my shopping bags:

Victoria's Secret.

 Hello!My name is Luiza and I am a Victoria's Secret addict. Whenever I visit VS Shop, even if I buy or not something,I MUST try their bodybutters.They have a very thick consistency and smell divine,so I had to buy some. Also,I bought lots and lots of Body Scrubs,which became my favourite items from the shop.
 If you go to Victoria's Secret you must buy undies,which I pairs?I added them to my VS collection of another 16 pairs....But a girl can never have enough!

 I went to House of Fraser to buy a foundation and noticed Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation. I wanted to buy a good one,so the price didn't matter.When I brought it home and wanted to try it....surprise!It had no pump. So that was a dissapointment...

Have you ever heard of Yorkshire Soap?They have this amazing bathbombs and truffles which smell divine and they leave your skin so soft!
I have some favourite ones that I buy again and again,but I will make reviews to show you more about them.

What do you think about what I bought?Do you have any favourite shops?