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Teaching kids about oral hygiene


I remember when I was a child that there wasn't so much to know on how to keep a good oral health.
Nowadays, we have so much more information and one thing is very clear: you should start cleaning your baby's teeth when they appear.
Children over the age of 3 should brush their teeth twice per day and it's so important to have their individual toothbrush.
 Now, how to choose the perfect tootbrush for your child?

Electric vs Manual Toothbrushes For Kids

If your child is 0-2 year old then manual tootbrushes are quite the only option for now.
For adults, the manual toothbrushes come in three types: with soft, medium and hard bristles; but for children aged 0-2 there are specialy designed manual toothbrushes that come with extra-soft bristles for gentle cleaning and massaging of baby’s teeth and gums.

Electric toothbrushes are recommended for children aged 3+ because children often have trouble cleaning their teeth properly by their own with a manual toothbrush.Often it feels more like a struggle for them and for the parent. An electric toothbrush makes it easier for them to reach all areas with more precision and better friction, meaning better hygiene and less plaque and cavities.

Colgate comes with a fun and funky electric toothbrush for children aged 3+ . Colgate Minions Battery Toothbrush is a part of the Minion collection (Kids sure do love Minions!! ) and it has extra soft bristles to gently sweep away plaque, helping to protect gums. It's also got a slim handle and comfortable on/off buttons, really easy to use by your little one.

I remember that I starting using an electric toothbrush when I was 8, but if I could turn back time I would definitely have wanted to use one since I was 3 as it would have saved me years of pain and cavities, so I definitely recommend letting your children use an electric toothbrush after the age of 3 .

Combining fun and duty, this electric toothbrush can help for a consistent dental hygiene.

So tell me, what is your opinion on children's electric toothbrushes? Is your child using one?

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