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Last Minute Christmas Gifts


Yesterday I've been having so many contradictory thoughts when thinking what should I buy for my husband.Christmas is getting closer and closer, the stores are getting more crowded than usual and the panic starts kicking in.

Over the last couple of years, I've always left the gift buying for the last moment.What can I say?! I'm a busy woman. :)
So, I have a few options that I think that my husband would like for Christmas.

Option number one: Today I went for a free eye check and surprise surprise, I will need to wear glasses every now and again, but what I want to say is that this place was next door to a pet shop. My husband is crazy after fish.We've had fish when we were and after we finished Uni, and he never stops reminding me of how much he misses having a tank with small fish. Extremly relaxing and fun to look at,but we don't have the time to care after them.Also,the humidity from the tank makes me have second thoughts.

If your partner is a technology geek- just like mine is - then the gift choice is pretty clear.
Let me explain to you how Nick is - when he wants something, there's no review left unread for the products, Nick has to know everything: specifications,cost, efficiency  how the competition presents itself.Therefore, I cannot dissapoint-I have to do the same thing.This leads me to option number two: a fitness tracker. Not only that he likes being active, but he used to play professional basket ball a few years ago and still enhoys doing sports.Luckily,I found a website that reviews, compares and contrasts only the best quality smart watches out there, so I got my eye on a few products.

Option number three: Going on a holiday. I've been praying to go on a holiday ,just the two of us for almost one year, but 2019 was...hecktic to say the least, you know that we have our own business now, Nick Calini Photography &Videography and that's extremly time consuming.We love love love what we do, but many times this means that we will spend more time together indoors editing and less time travelling and just chilling. It all comes with a cost,so booking a holiday might not be the best idea right now, but it's still something on my mind.

Please do let me know, did you manage to buy the Christmas presents?Can you give me any ideas,which option should I pick?? :)