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How to handle stress

Sometimes life throws too many rocks in our way and it makes it difficult for us to keep going on.
We have problems at work,with our loved ones,even with ourselves...How do we cope with this?
This is my method of keeping up in this always changing world:

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1.Make some tea

It is scientifically proved that water calmes us ,especially warm water.When I'm stressed I always drink tea, peppermint and chamomile are my favourite flavours.
Also,taking a warm bath helps.I always use nice smelling bath bombs that color the water .

2.Listen to relaxing music and light up your favourite candle

If you are listening to the right music it can be like therapy.If you are sad don't listen to sad songs,it will make you feel even worse.Try some relaxing/meditation music.
I always use home fragrance oils or parfumed candles,my favourite one is Aloe and Soft Linen Home Fragrance Oil from The Body Shop.

3.Go for a massage

There's nothing better for relaxing a stressed body than a massage.It may not be so expensive as you think,so give it a try,even for half an hour.You will feel so energised!

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4.Treat yourself!
This is my favourite part.
If I come stressed from work,I always treat myself with small things that make me feel better: I eat some fresh strawberrys,I buy myself some fresh flowers,if I don't want to cook that day I just go to the pub and eat some good food or do what I wrote at (1),(2),(3).

5.Talk to someone about your problems.

Sometimes things get so hard for us that we feel that nobody understands us and what  we are going through.
Talk to your loved ones,maybe they see things differently and can give you really good advice.
Whenever I have a problem,I always discuss it with my fiance or my parents because I like to have more solutions ,it makes me go easier through it all.

6.Always tell yourself: Everything will be fine

Whatever problem you might have right now: at work,with your family or friends...everything will be fine.
Just remember to stay positive.If your job stresses the hell out of you,just quit.This is what I did  just 2 months ago.
If you have family problems...eventually everything will get sorted out.Just have faith and patience.Stressing yourself out will not help you with anything...believe me.
If you are bullied...just stay true to yourself and don't let others people opinion define you.
I've also been in that position more than 10 years ago,I thought that I will never get through it and it will never end,but hey...I'm here.And I am doing just fine and have enough people to love me just the way I am. :)
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I really hope that my article helped you even a little,and if you have any problems,feel free to contact me. :)



Today's motivation:

And this is what I'm doing! I'm heading to  to see some sharks! Follow me on Instagram!
Wish me good luck :)