Everyday is Christmas - New music from SIA

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It's that time of the year!
I really hope that you follow me on instagram, if you do you would have seen that yesterday it snowed and on my gosh,it was sooo pretty!I literally stayed for 10 minutes looking out my window and just stared at the big snowflakes.
At the radio whenever I hear a Christmas song it just brings me so much joy!Christmas is almost here.
Did you buy gifts for your loved ones?
Speaking of gifts, I have received  Sia's new Christmas album and it's fantastic.
With 10 new songs recorded ,it was such a lovely surprise to see that Sia recorded her original songs and didn't do covers for Christmas songs, like the majority of the artists.
My favourite song from the album Everyday is Christmas is ' Santa's Coming for us' and it's such a catchy song that you immediately start dancing to the rhythm.

If you love Christmas songs then I would recommend you to buy 'Everyday is Christmas' by Sia and follow her on her social media platforms: 

@atlanticrcrdsuk (please note the spelling here)



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