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  After a rainy day full of fog ,it was inevitable that nostalgia kicked in.Am I the only person that thinks about summer and summer holidays when it's rainy and dark outside? I just stare outside with my mind wandering at warmer places . Today I was thinking about my trip to the Canary Islands.This is how it all started:

      Early March,I was already thinking about a birthday gift for my half,even if his birthday is at the end of April.I was very indecisive about what should I buy him. Should I buy him a phone ? Should I throw him a birthday party ? Ladies , you know the struggle.
      Looking online,I see an image with a beach.White sand,blue water,blue sky.I tell myself: 'Perfect , that's a win-win!'.
      But...where should we go ? What can we visit and what activities can we have ?He's a sporty guy so I know for sure that he's not going to lie on the beach all day .
      Next phase: ask some coworkers about their favourite holidays.Thankfully,I have asked the right person and he told me without hesitation: Fuerteventura ! You got the sand,the good weather , the food, snorkeling , aqua parks , buggies , you name it!

And I am so so glad that we went there!Believe me , in 4 days you cannot get enough of that amazing island.It's gorgeous, it's everything I have been told it would be and more!
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Have you been on a holiday this year?

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