Design your perfect vintage room

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              I'm so happy that in a couple of days we'll be on holiday and I am sure that you are too !
I will have time to clean my house on Friday and to do a little bit of shopping on Saturday.I have some ideas about what I will cook for Christmas , I have some recipes that I only cook for special occasions .
              Looking at my neighbors houses , I realize that I didn't have the time to decorate my house.
Speaking of decorations, I still have to buy some things for my makeup room , like a chandelier , lights and maybe a chaise lounge .
             My makeup room certainly has some vintage accents,so I thought that maybe I should give you some ideas if you are planning to have a vintage room.
              Browsing online,I stumbled upon some pretty pieces that will make your room more chic.

        Window Shutters
      Lights            Tea Cup

What do you think about my picks?

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