My 2017 in pictures - part1

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Is there a better way to start a new year than reflecting on your last one and making new plans for the future?I don't think so. Reminding myself about how crazy 2017 was  , I wanted to share with you my journey,but this will take two posts.I have too many pictures! :)
Welcome to my world.PRESS PLAY


I started 2017 by surprising my mom with a trip home. I took 5 days off to spend time with her and my grandma.
I was also planning my wedding that was due in June, so I was trying different bridal looks .

Adăugați o legendă


High school dream came true .We finally got the chance to see Green Day , and it was EPIC.
On Valentine's day Nick had to work until late,so I went to pick him from work and we went to dine randomly at a local restaurant.


March was busy . At the beginning of the month I took another trip back home to choose the menus for the wedding.
Unfortunately, Nick couldn't come with me so I was relying on my mom to be with me everywhere.
While I was away,Nick got a bad injury that required more than a month to heal.


I booked a flight for my mom and my grandma to come and visit us for Easter .It was the first time my grandma visited the UK so she was extremly excited .
End of April brought us Nicks birthday so I planned a surprise trip to Fuerteventura and David , his brother , joined us.


One month before the wedding . I was very stressed, we still had to plan a lot of things ,I still had to lose some weight to fit my dress .Needless to say , the last 2 months before our wedding the only thing that I was thinking about was how to organize the wedding.
On my birthday we dinned at Jamie Oliver's Restaurant.


Wedding mood -ON !
Spoiler alert: I didn't end up doing my own makeup.

Special thanks to Mihai Stefan for the pics.
We would like to thank everyone that attended our wedding.You are freakin' amazing.

Part 2 of 2017 will come soon.

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  1. Okay first off, love love love the red hair! Also congrats on getting married!! I always love looking back at old pics from the year before to see how I’ve grown. This is a beautiful series. Keep documenting!!