Do Girls Play Golf?!

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It was almost two weeks ago when I and Nick got invited for a golf lesson on a Wednesday evening.Don't you feel that if you have different activities rather than just your usual weekly routine, time passes by faster and you feel more energised? Or is it just me?

At first,when I received the email with the invitation I got really excited, but afterwards I felt a bit concerned.The questions that were wandering through my mind were: 'What if I won't be good at it? What if I won't like it? Do girls play Golf !?
Every concern just faded away when I stepped inside the Leeds Golf Center and I was welcomed with the warmest smile .
Me, Nick and Jade  were introduced to our instructor, Nathan.He explained to us the first steps ,told us about the clubs and showed us how to use them.
My start was a bit rough, I didn't manage to master the swing, but Nathan was so patient with all of us and was always there to help us when needed .
I got to admit it, at some point I was completely off, but I could always hear a nice word for my effort ' Nice try! Good one!' .

I couldn't help but notice that there were people of all ages, from juniors to seniors, from one to groups ,having a great time .We felt really welcomed and enjoyed our time there so after the lesson we all went for a pint at the restaurant inside the golf centre.

Big thanks to Online Golf for inviting us, I plan on going there again with Nick and bring more mates there because it was a relaxing day and if it wasn't obvious enough, yes,girls do play golf

Now tell me, have you played golf before?

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