Keep yourself warm

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Do you live in Spain or any other hot, sunny country with a long summer and pretty blue sky?If so,you are so , so lucky!
But if you live in England , you must know that summer is very short , and the temperatures are not so high.
When I first moved to the UK I wasn't expecting so much rain and such low temperatures!
My first rent was very nice,a small cozy flat with only one room but enough for me and my boyfriend.

The cold weather gets me down very easy ,so when I'm in my room,I want to feel the heat.
I was super happy that my landlord had installed electric radiators .What a relief!
Such a quick and simple way to warm yourself and the room !

They are safe to use,safety is the no.1 priority for me.
I really prefer electric radiators because they are so simple to use,and you can also programme them to start heating the house just before you come home from work.
Also,they can be a great alternative if you want to save money on your  heating bill,some types of radiators can help you save up to 50% .

If you are redecorationg your house or just want to change your radiators , you can see HERE more options of radiators at good prices.


*This is a collaboration post
Also,you can take a warm bath: https://www.cupcakesplendens.com/2015/07/warm-bath-favourites-review-lush.html

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