Warm bath favourites: Review Lush & Yorkshire Soap

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I can't believe it...when will it be sunny outside? 13 degrees ...Are you kidding me?
Don't panic,don't panic.I know what I will do!

Pour a glass of Martini and add a piece of lime ,grab my new book that I just bought 3 days ago from a local charity shop (Lauren Conrad  - Sugar and Spice ) and turn on the water in the bathtub.
But ...I really do not know which bathbomb should I choose...Can you help me?


You can simply feel the smell of a Lush Shop from 10 meters away.It's sweet,fruity and you simply cannot resist it.
When I went in the shop,in a corner ,a lady was showing the bathbombs to other customers and my human curiosity took me in that direction.

I just had to buy these 2 lovely bubble bars.They smell amazing and they color the water ,making it so pretty!You don't have to use one big piece for a bath,just 1/4 of it and the best part is that you can combine the two of them!

The only inconvenient is that they're a little bit pricey and if you don't use them in 2-3 months they will not make anymore bubbles and will no longer dissolve easily.

Yorkshire Soap

Everytime I go to this shop I buy at least 3-4 bathbombs.I simply can't help it.Also,their soaps are so cute!!!Everytime I go in this shop I tell myself that the next time I will buy a cupcake-soap...well maybe next time. :P

Some of the products that I bought in time:

Bath bombs- a real delight!The pink one is my favourite one,it makes the water pink and smells like berries.

I absolutely love these cupcake-like bath products.
After using them my skin feels babysoft and they have different smells too.

So...which one should I choose ?


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  1. They all look amazing!! I really want to try them.

    1. They smell so good and leave the skin so soft ! :)

  2. I'm in love with LUSH bath bombs. Unfortunately, I didn't buy any yet because I have a shower cabin not a bath tub so I can't use them.
    Nice blog, btw!

    Andra |