How to choose the perfect engagement ring - Tips for Men

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This post will be quite different because it will be exclusive for guys!But it can also be for ladies,if you want to know how to choose the perfect diamond ring for yourself!
As you may already know,this year in April I got engaged (click HERE to read our story ) and I received an amazing diamond ring from my fiance,but what you do not know is that the ring that I'm wearing right now is the 3rd one,because i got it exchanged 2 times.Uhm...yes.
Sooo guys,if you want to marry your amazing lady this is what you have to do:

1.Take one of her rings with you at the shop
This will be the easiest way to know what size she has.
My fiance bought me a smaller ring,like 3 size smaller!So this was the first time when I changed my ring.

2.Ask her what kind of gold she prefers
Maybe she likes yellow gold,maybe white gold or maybe rose gold?Just ask her!
I really really didn't want a yellow gold engagement ring and I told my boyfriend many times,just to be sure.
Also,I would advise you not to go for the 9ct gold.why?Because it's not resistent in time,and even after a couple of months you can see very visible scratches,so go for the 18ct and 24 ct gold.
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3.Know what kind of diamond to choose.
Ok,now this is tricky.If you want to buy her a diamond ring between let's say between 100 £- 5000 £ or more,you must know that all those kind of diamonds have impurities.We didn't know that.
They are even clasified ,you can read all about it on wikipedia and they come in different shades too!
So if you want to buy her a diamnod ring,do not hesitate to ask the shop assistant for magnification lens and also look at the diamond at natural light!Make sure that the impurity is not very visible!!

4.Best time to buy the engagement ring?When you're ready :) and of course, Sale season! July -August and January.

Hope this post helped you.


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