Review&Swatch: My first MAC lipstick

23:42 Cupcake Splendens 0 Comments

Hey! :)

When we came back from our trip from Spain,at the airport we bumped into a MAC store...I couldn't have been more excited.
Knowing that the prices in the UK are a little bigger,I was more than happy to pay around 13 pounds for this amazing lipstick.



So this is the shade that I got,I wanted a lipstick that I can wear during the day,but also in the evening.A little bit metallic,but also a little bit matte.

What I love about it is that it's longlasting , I apply it in the morning and after 5 hours it still looks great.
Also,a big plus is that it's a hydrating lipstick.So if your lips are chapped don't worry,this lipstick  will not look ridiculos on you.

I also wanted to buy a black eyeliner MAC,because I've seen so many good reviews but it was sold out .Maybe next time .

Tell me,do you have any Mac products?Which one is your favourite?


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