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I cannot believe that it's been already one year!

             I bought my house with Nick one year ago . It was a long and very tiring process .
I will give you a couple of tips and tricks on how to get a loan the easy way and the first steps when buying a house.
             First , you need money,then you need a mortgage adviser . The mortgage adviser will do some of the work for you , but you need a good credit score to receive a loan.
             How do you build a good credit score?Pay all your taxes , pay all your bills and register to vote!
            Why is your credit score important ? The thing is that every time you apply for a loan,the bank checks your credit score . If one of the banks refuses to give you a loan , your credit score drops .  This was also my case . They refused to give me a loan for the fact that I had 3 jobs in 2 years .
            As an alternative,depending on how much money you need , can also apply for loans for bad credit .

            We had to save loads of money : the 5% for first buyers , payment for our mortgage adviser , solicitors and the hidden fees . This last category really got us struggling ,I believe that companies should be forbidden to ask for hidden fees , but when your 10 page contract has a small written condition that more fees can apply,there's nothing you can do,so read any contract really carefully.
Those small hidden fees cost us some of the money we have planned to use for buying our furniture.

Do you plan on buying a house?

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