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          I just returned from my vacation and let me tell you,I had such a great time! My return flight was yesterday and thanks to storm Ophelia we had one of the worst landings ever , I am so happy and humble to still be alive!
My trip on the other hand was amazing , I did a make-up course so I guess that now I am also a Certified Makeup Artist ! I learned so many things and new techniques and I can hardly wait to show you too!
          I came to the UK with my mom and uncles and I will spoil them for a whole week , I am really excited to show them how beautiful England really is.
          On the plane,after several talks with my mom,we both realised that during the autumn season,our hair starts falling a lot . While me and my mom have a really strong and curly hair,I told her that is not the case for my husband . He really struggles with hair loss , so he tried every product on the market against hair loss: shampoo , conditioner, serums and even pills . Unfortunately , while some of them stop the hair loss for a while , some of them don't work at all , and eventually after he stops using those products,the hair starts falling again.
           After searching for anything against hair loss,we came across the ultimate solution : hair transplant . The FUE hair transplant cost depends from case to case , so a consultation would be needed before knowing the exact cost.
In one year or so I am sure that he will save the money for such a procedure.

Do you have members of your family that struggle with hair loss,or do you know anyone that have gone through such an experience?Let me know below!

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