Will you be my wife? - he asked

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That moment I felt so numb and my head was spinning ...He just popped the question...

I believe that 5 is a magic number for us...On the 5th of December ,on a very cold night ,a couple of years ago was our first date...and on the 5th of April 2015 was that special day...

At the end of March he told me that he really wanted to go to Jamie Oliver Italians,because I've been there once with my mother and we really enjoyed it.Everyone knows Jamie because of his shows and of course,everyone has big expectations when you associate something with his name. So,I made a reservation for the 5th of April .
 When we arrived there and the waiter went through that day's speciality,which was pasta with mussels .That sounded so tempting so that's what I ordered,while Nick wanted turkey.The restaurant looks amazing,unique,really italian. When I received my order,I was delighted !Oh my gosh,the pasta was amazing!Spaghetti with mussels , mascarpone and wine...I could eat that every day and never have enough. :)

Smiling , Nick told me that maybe I will be lucky enough to find some pearls in the mussels....I told him there was no chance because a different species produce pearls. He insisted: "Really!I heard that in the mussels you can find pearls...or diamonds!" I bursted into laugh"Nooo way!Are you serious?I'll post this on facebook,everyone will laugh...are you serios?" He said" Oh yes,i've seen it on Discovery" I couldn't believe I started explaining to him: "mussels are in the sea->pearls;diamond stones come from inside of the earth->lava->diamonds ..." After finishing our dinner,we ordered the desserts,while he excused himself and went to the toilet. I ordered a delicious icecream with caramel sauce and chocolate flakes,and he had a lemon tart which he said that was absolutely divine.

We finished our desserts and I was looking for the waiter to ask for the bill,but when I turn my head around I saw Nick staying right next to me,on his knee,and saying:"Baby...if you truly believe in magic,you can find diamonds in mussels...You are the woman that I want to spend my life with.Will you be my wife?" And he gave me a mussel...he told me to open it and there it was...a beautiful diamond ring.

I was petrified.Shocked. We've been togheter for more than 5 years and lived in the same home for 4,but I didn't suspect a thing... The room was spining with me, I almost started crying...And I said yes. My first question was: Do my parents know about this?He said yes,he told them a couple of days ago because he wanted their blessing. That was the moment when I  started crying ...
He asked me if it would make me feel better to hold me in his arms and I approved...While in his arms he told me" Don't cry...this doesn't change anything...We are still the same and I will still love you the same" and I started crying even harder . Eventually I calmed down,had some water,took a few deep breaths,received two glasses of free prosecco from the restaurant....but everytime a person came to us and said "Congratulations!" I bursted into tears again...I was very emotional.

It has all been a lovely experience,a lovely place and most important...he improvised everything!I had no idea before going there what I was about to order and everything turned out to be perfect.He later told me that he actually went to the toilet to clean the mussel because it was all dirty with sauce...I still have no idea when he took the shell off my plate.Sneaky lad! Ever since,we've been there quite a few times,so Jamie Oliver Italians easily became our favourite restaurant in the UK.

That means that I have to plan my wedding now(Wish me good luck!).
Now,I will have to keep you updated with the preparations for the wedding. If you have any wedding ideas-decorations,DIY,interactive stuff for the guests,nice web pages,oh please let me know...Currently I am searching on Pinterest and I have added some ideas/boards. You can follow me HERE.

I hope you enjoyed reading our story :)


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