May Glossybox

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I hope you are having a fantastic day,here is very sunny and hot outside-I waited for this weather for sooo long! :)
I'm hoping for a relaxing weekend,so i will be testing some products that I received in this months Glossybox.
Glossybox is my favourite beautybox,for £13.25/month I received 4 full size products and one mini-product(the nail polish).

Unboxing  :

Info about the products :

I was quite happy with the products that I've received this month,the only one that I'm sure I will give away will be the body spray...and maybe I'm considering giving away also the Mememe Dual  Eye Wand because of the colour I've received.My eyes are blue and if I'm using a blue eyeliner it makes me look weird.I don't like that at all.

On the other side,I was very happy with the Aloe Vera Gel,my skin is usually very dry so I have big expectation from this product.I will let you know if I'll see any improvements of my skin after using the gel.

I already tried the Towel Off Shampoo Foam from Zerreau Beauty  and it's an OK alternative if you are rushing or want to give your hair one more day before washing it.
The smell is nice and it's really easy to use,you just have to put the foam into your hair until you feel it a little bit wet and after use a towel ,removing the excess.
After one use,I can say that it removes 40% of the oils from your hair.

These are the products that I received this month,if you want to order your own Glossybox just register HERE.


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