When it's time to throw away your makeup - Makeup Expiration Dates

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...even if it's your favourite one

This morning I realised that I had to do it...things are just not working out between us anymore.
So I've trown my favourite eyeliner...and bought a new one!
Do you know when it's time to let go of your old favourite eyeliner and replace it with a new one?
These are the signs that you should buy a new eyeliner:

When you use it for more than 3 months
It is well known that using a liquid eyeliner on a daily basis makes the bacteria flourish in the tube,so the best thing to do is to replace your old liquid eyeliner with a new one every 3 months.

When the texture has changed/it feels different on your skin
Every time you use the product  air  goes inside it,which means that your eyeliner will dry.
When you apply your eyeliner on your skin and see that the texture is no longer as it used to be and the quality of the product is significaly less,you need to replace it.

When the color has changed
I think it's no need to add anything...Say goodbye to it! :)
In this picture I tried to remove it only with water.You can clearly see that the old one is not so resistant anymore...

By the way,this is my favourite eyeliner.It's my 6th bottle and I will continue using the same brand,same product,I simply love it . :)
I normally buy it from Wilko.

Do you have a favourite eyeliner?Which one is it?

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14 comentarii:

  1. Interesant. Am sa ma uit si eu dupa acest tus. Pare a fi suficient de negru si din moment ce esti deja la al doilea tub cred ca esti multumita de el

  2. Da,Ramona,imi place tare mult si sunt deja la al 6-lea tub!

  3. Citind postarea ta, ma gandesc la faprul ca ar fi momentul sa-mi mai fac curatenie in cosmetice! :)

    1. Nici eu nu sunt atenta la aspecte de genul. Am produse preferate pe care le folosesc zilnic pana la ... epuizare si am produse care le folosesc ocazional! Alea le folosesc rar si pe perioada lunga! :)

    2. @Claudia - e chiar necesar,la urma urmei makeup-ul e fun,dar daca ne afecteaza mai apoi sanatatea,nu mai e fun :)

    3. @Ramona- si eu faceam aceasta greseala , but not anymore :)

  4. I'll definitely check out Essence's liner :)

    Thanks for the informative post :) I sometimes keep it for too long

  5. I love my liquid eyeliner and haven't never thought about replacing it, unless it is finished, so thank you for sharing it! x

  6. I'm also looking forward to buying this when I go to Berlin in a few weeks. I can't buy Essence in Norway unfortunately. I always throw away both my mascara and eyeliner after 3 months :) It's not worth having an eye infection just to save a few bucks :)

    1. You should buy at least 2-3 tubes but do not open them at the same time!Use only one by one,and don't forget to replace them every 3 months!
      Exactly :*

  7. Nice article! Thanks so much for the tips, never really know when to throw them away.

    1. Sooo happy that I can tell you new things!Our no.1 priority should be our health!Take care :*