June Glossybox

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I just came from my vacation ,I went to Spain with my fiance and we had a blast!
I'm very happy that we got to spend a little time together ,relaxing and making some new memories! :D
Right on time,last week I received my favourite beautybox, which is Glossybox .
Are you curious what is inside the box?

I am very happy that I received my Flash Tatoos before going on vacation,I will show you how to apply them in another blog post.

Kueshi Anticellulite Booster-I must be honest,I do not believe in anticellulitic creams,I think that cellulites goes away only with hard work,lots of sport and a balanced diet.I will try this product and I will tell you if I see any results.

Monu Spa Mist-Oh I love this product!Smells like roses and lemon,I will use this product everyday.

Halo Fragrance free facial wipes- perfect for roadtrips.It's a must have!

Essence- I usually like Essence products,but this time I was not happy with the color,I would have prefered any of the other 2 colors.Maybe next time :)

I really liked this months beauty box,because most of the products I took them with me on the flight.

What do you think of this month's Glossybox?


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  1. sa le folosesti cu drag! Pana acum nu am cumparat niciun beauty box, cu toate ca ma tenteaza conceptul!

    1. Acesta e beautybox-ul meu preferat,imi place varietatea de produse si tematica fiecarei luni. :)

  2. Glossybox is different depending on which Country you live in. I stopped my subscription in December because I thought it was too expensive compared to what you get but yours looks really nice :)

    1. Yes,indeed.This is why I stopped my subscription at Birchbox,but I am very happy with my Glossybox :)

  3. Nice review, looks like some nice things came in that box! Thanks

    1. Thank you :)
      I was very happy with the products