Latest shopping - Victoria's Secret ,Essence and Sports Direct

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I am so happy right's SALE season! Sales,sales everywhere!!
You can't resist the temptation,believe me; small prices , nice things,I had to do a little bit of shopping.
This is what I bought:

Sports Direct
The store is closing,so they're having huge discounts.I always need more tops,it seems that I never have enough/can't find them when i need them so 2 tops for 6 pounds was a steal.I had to buy them... and look at the colors!Love them.

From Wilko I bought this gorgeous Essence Lipstick .The color is nude-ish,and it was super cheap,around 2.80 .

Victoria's Secret favourite shop!All the panties were for only 5 pounds so I had to buy quite a few,and I also bought a very sexy corset that was 50% off, and I payed for it 44.50 .

I was also looking for wedding rings but they are so expensive...I'll leave that for now.

What's your favourite store/brand?

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  1. Awesome stuff! I really love VS products,quality is amazing. Great Article :)

  2. Foarte dragute produse,mai ales cele de la VS. Ma oftic de numa ca nu imi permite conformatia sa folosesc astfel de "senzualitati":)
    Nuanta rujului este foarte pe gustul meu !

    1. Buna, HANNELORE GURBET! :)
      Asta imi place la VS,au produse pentru toate formele si toate marimile :D
      Sunt sigura ca poti gasi ceva si pentru tine!
      Thanks for your feedback :*

  3. Love the good stuff. cheers and more power online always!

    Radisson Blu Cebu