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Modern Renaissance Makeup Look

Inspired by Anastasia Beverly Hill’s most well known palette, Modern Renaissance, I created this feminine, sweet ,playful but also dramatic  look using mostly Love Letter and Venetian Red as the intense pink shades .
the orange shades from the 10th year anniversary palette from Kat von D combined with the mono eyeshadow burnt from Makeup obsession complimented the final look.
If you want me to film a tutorial to show you how i did this make-up or have any questions leave a comment and I will be happy to respond. You can find the complete list of products used below.












Lazy Sundays - Pampering and Recovering after a Stressful Week - Adagio Teas, Skinade, Cetraben ,Vitamin Buddy,

Press Play

Sundays are meant to be spend with family and friends,but sometimes I like my Sundays to be quiet .When I think about Sunday I think about two things: late mornings and relaxing activities.
Sometimes I like that Nick goes to the gym for a couple of hours and leaves me alone so I can have some me time.

My ideal Sunday would be literally a sunny day,with two or three hours just for myself, where I can drink my cup of tea, stay online for a bit and just pamper myself.This happens sometimes,so here are the products and drinks that I like to use on those days :

Nothing relaxes me more than a good cup of tea!I drink tea every single day and sometimes a few times per day and I feel the effect on my body immediately. Normally I would drink fruit tea or plant based teas for relaxing,but if there's a rainy day I would for sure choose a black or green tea to get energised.
A couple of weeks ago I received a huge PR box from Adagio Teas and I was totally blown away by the huge variety of teas.When I opened the box I just didn't know where to start.So many flavours and combinations !
I will just talk about some of my favourite ones. Peppermint  and chamomile tea are a must at all times in my house, so I was very happy when I received those ones, but I was even more excited for the Fruit Sangria  and the Blood Orange tins. Fruit Sangria tea contains strawberry, wild cherry, hibiscus, apple and rose hips ,which are all my favourite flavours for a sweet and juicy tea and Blood Orange tea is a combination of blood orange peals with hibiscus flowers and rosehips ,which is a bit more tingly and provides me with vitamin C.
Nick really loved the Jasmine Phoenix Pearl tea,that was the first flavour that he would choose whenever I asked him to pick one.
I think that you can find a flavour for everyone on their website and they have beautiful gift ideas so make sure to check them out.
You can get 20% off  your first order on Adagio Tea website and if you don't know exactly what to pick,you can order the loose tea sample tasters and you will get four types of tea that lasts up to 40 cups.
You can also  buy Adagio Teas on Amazon.

Cetraben face creams and lotion are the best thing that have happened to me while sick.
I have a very,very sensitive skin and whenever I get a runny nose it becomes a pain for me because my skin gets irritated and really red.
If not treated,my skin becomes even flaky and really painful at touch.
When sick I use this face cream that has a thick texture  on my nose, on top of my upper lip and on my cheeks.
I don't like to use these creams before applying foundation  because I feel that the foundation doesn't set right, so I do not use them as day creams(my current one is from Clinique)  but they are for sure my first choice as night creams.
Overall they're good,they're cheap, under a fiver and you can buy them from boots or online on Amazon.
Price: Starting from 2£

Supplements are extremely important to me, I didn't use them before I was 25 but after that I have quickly added them to my daily routine.One big reason why I did that is because of the lack of sun in the UK which affects my mood and energy too much.
Vitamin Buddy offers you a tailored subscription. It's so easy: you will have to take a quiz and depending on your answers they will suggest you a tailored vitamin box .
After  finishing my quiz,these were my results for my tailored box: Vitamin B complex with C,Vitamin D,Magnesium Citrate,Vitamin A and Vitamin C.
 Your vitamins will come in 4  boxes that represent 4 weeks, and each box will have 7 bags of vitamins.
Price: 35£/ month

For my hair and skin I have tried a while ago the Skinade drink.I have received a month's worth of samples to review and the brand says that the real results will be visible in 3 months, but after one month I cannot say that I've seen big results.
The only thing that I can really say is that comparing my skin during winter ,how it was this years versus how it was one year ago ,my face used to become very dry and flaky but this didn't happen while using  Skinade , so I might say that this drink increases hydration, but that is pretty much it.
They say that this drink will give you a natural energy boost,it makes your nails looking healthier and it reduces the appearance of fine lines and I didn't notice either of this effects,but they might be possible after 3 months.
The drink doesn't taste bad,it's slightly tingly and tastes like peaches, quite enjoyable I might say.
Price: 100£ / 30 bottles for 30 days

Hair loss remedies - Hair Jazz from Harmony Life

I have to admit something. I miss my long hair a lot.I've cut my hair back in September as it was too long,too curly and it was starting to be a pain for me.The exact day that I cut it I half-regretted my decision,but knowing that I did it for a good cause made me feel better.
I'll be honest, I don't have enough patience to wait for years for my hair to grow, so I started taking supplements and completely changed the products that I use .

I have received a set of 4 products from Hair Jazz two months ago and after testing it for so long now I can finally share with you my thoughts on it. I've used it like this: I put a tiny bit of water at the roots and add the shampoo on the scalp and gently massage it.I leave it there for 3 minutes and after that I start adding a bit of water and shampoo on the length of my hair.I leave it again for 1 min, after that I rinse and use the hair mask,leave it for a couple of minutes,rinse again and after that I use the spray.
The shampoo is indeed my favourite product from Hair Jazz because I use it differently and I can really see the results, it leaves my hair feeling the cleanest.
After washing my hair I love using the serum and it makes my hair look really nice and shiny.
Two weeks ago I was asked what did I do because my hair looks so much longer and the funny thing is that I have cut a couple of inches one month ago to make my hair look more even.
Not only that my hair is growing incredibly fast,but it also looks really strong even after straightening it every single week.
One thing that I have also noticed is that my hair doesn't fall as much as it used to and that's a huge win for me!
You can buy the whole set here:

Are you struggling with hair loss?

*I have received this kit for a review and this is my honest opinion 

Glossybox UK February 2018

     Today was a quiet day . I heard the alarm ring at 7 a.m.and a very sleepy Nick reached for it to make it stop .
In between the sheets , half asleep , half awake , my eyes where searching for him as he was grabbing his clothes and rushing down to the kitchen .
I hear him opening the fridge door and using the toaster and in a minute he's rushing out the door .
That's strange ! He's never leaving home without having breakfast . Oh well , I guess he doesn't want to be late . 
At this point I realize that it's absolutely useless to try and sleep some more , so I get up  and make myself a cup of organic white tea with blueberry and elderflower .
     It's so sunny and beautiful outside so I just spend the next hours in our relaxing room where we have a gorgeous view to our back garden , sip on some tea and write articles like 'Why it's actually Cool to be Single on Valentine's Day'.
In a couple of hours , he's back home . With a cheeky smile he gives me a big kiss and hands me my package from . I wasn't expecting it so soon.

This months Glossybox has such a cute design,I love it. Inside the package I found:  

  • Ciate London nail polish small size - unfortunately I will not be using this one,because normal nail polish doesn't stay on my nails more than one day and after that it just chips off. Price: 6£

  • Sleek Makeup Storm Palette full size -I bought this kind of palette years ago and I just loved it.It is very pigmented and the colors are stunning.This is the perfect palette for a smokey eye and the price is really good.I am not sure if I will use it now ,I might give it away . Price:9£

  • Icona Milano Mascara full size- I don't normally use waterproof mascaras ,but I am really curious if I will like this one . Price: 15£

  • Studio10 Beauty Mist small size - I have tried only one face mist before and I didn't like it so I am really curious about this one . Price: 14£

  • Steve Laurant Lip  Tint full size - the color is really pretty and I prefer using lip tints instead of lipstick when my lips are dry . Price: 17£

Are you a Glossybox subscriber?What do you think of this months Glossybox?

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50's inspired makeup


You can find this beautiful Body here:
Leggings: Nike

Products used:

*Kat von D foundation
*Benefit Hoola
*Benefit Coralista Blush
*Heart Cosmetics Highlighter

 *MAC pot eyeliner - black
*Revolution Palette
*The Balm Nudetude Palette
*Bad Gal Mascara Benefit
*Revlon Lipstick
*Inglot Lipstick

Everyday is Christmas - New music from SIA

It's that time of the year!
I really hope that you follow me on instagram, if you do you would have seen that yesterday it snowed and on my gosh,it was sooo pretty!I literally stayed for 10 minutes looking out my window and just stared at the big snowflakes.
At the radio whenever I hear a Christmas song it just brings me so much joy!Christmas is almost here.
Did you buy gifts for your loved ones?
Speaking of gifts, I have received  Sia's new Christmas album and it's fantastic.
With 10 new songs recorded ,it was such a lovely surprise to see that Sia recorded her original songs and didn't do covers for Christmas songs, like the majority of the artists.
My favourite song from the album Everyday is Christmas is ' Santa's Coming for us' and it's such a catchy song that you immediately start dancing to the rhythm.

If you love Christmas songs then I would recommend you to buy 'Everyday is Christmas' by Sia and follow her on her social media platforms: 

@atlanticrcrdsuk (please note the spelling here)



Review: Empress Mimi Lingerie Box

I just looooove subscription boxes.Regardless if it's makeup,food or clothes,I just love it when the mailman brings me a box full of unknown little treats.
That split second of curiosity before opening my package is one of my small pleasures.
This time, I've had the chance to try a pretty unique box, designed by women for women.It's called Empress Mimi.

There are 3 subscription boxes that you can choose from with a price range between 25 and 70 GBP.
Inside my box I have found this gorgeous set of lingerie that fits my body perfectly and while it's so sexy,it's also extremly comfortable.

Such an unique concept can make a perfect Christmas gift! And guess what? You will also have 15% off your first box if you enter the CODE: CUPCAKESPLEND15 at checkout . Enjoy your shopping! 

W7 Palette Smokin' Review+Giveaway

A couple of days ago I was kindly given a beautiful W7 Smokin' Palette to review ,so here are my thoughts on it.

             I must say,I needed such a palette because all my other palettes have very bright colours.It's hard for me to find a dark palette that doesn't have intense blue colours as it really looks bad on me , being a blue eyed girl.
             As for the W7 Smokin Palette ,the brighter glittery colors are quite pigmented and long lasting.
The last three matte colors are not very pigmented ,but all the other colors are pigmented and quite long lasting,perfect for a smokey eye.
            Per total,I think you get a decent quality for the price and it's a perfect palette for beginners and for the girls that like really intense smokey eyes.


Wow free stuff is giving away 10 palettes , so if you want to win one go over to their website.


This competition ends on the 1st December 2017

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Must be over 18 and based in the UK

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Weekend Shopping - MAC , KAT VON D , SLEEK

I really don't know what's happening to me lately , but if it's a sunny weekend then most probably you will find me in Leeds City Center , spending my money like there's no tomorrow on make-up.
On one of my last spending sprees I bought:


I really needed a fast clean up method for my brushes when I'm on the go,so MAC Brush Cleanser was the perfect option for me . I've used it a couple of times and not only that it works , but it's my favorite way of cleaning my brushes.I really recommend this product.

Kat Von D's liquid lipsticks are my option whenever I need a lasting color , specially when I go out for a meal because the color just stays there for hours and hours  even if I eat or drink.Also,my husband prefers this kind of lipstick as he hates it when I kiss him and his lips get colored. 

I bought Sleek's Distorted dreams highlighter when Kat von D's Alchemist palette was sold out , and I got to admit it , I have a love-hate relationship with it.The colors are nice but the glitter is sooo chunky...and the cream highlighters are hard to apply nicely.

Sleek's lip liner is just a normal creamy lip liner. Not very special,but it's doing its job.