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I have to admit something. I miss my long hair a lot.I've cut my hair back in September as it was too long,too curly and it was starting to be a pain for me.The exact day that I cut it I half-regretted my decision,but knowing that I did it for a good cause made me feel better.
I'll be honest, I don't have enough patience to wait for years for my hair to grow, so I started taking supplements and completely changed the products that I use .

I have received a set of 4 products from Hair Jazz two months ago and after testing it for so long now I can finally share with you my thoughts on it. I've used it like this: I put a tiny bit of water at the roots and add the shampoo on the scalp and gently massage it.I leave it there for 3 minutes and after that I start adding a bit of water and shampoo on the length of my hair.I leave it again for 1 min, after that I rinse and use the hair mask,leave it for a couple of minutes,rinse again and after that I use the spray.
The shampoo is indeed my favourite product from Hair Jazz because I use it differently and I can really see the results, it leaves my hair feeling the cleanest.
After washing my hair I love using the serum and it makes my hair look really nice and shiny.
Two weeks ago I was asked what did I do because my hair looks so much longer and the funny thing is that I have cut a couple of inches one month ago to make my hair look more even.
Not only that my hair is growing incredibly fast,but it also looks really strong even after straightening it every single week.
One thing that I have also noticed is that my hair doesn't fall as much as it used to and that's a huge win for me!
You can buy the whole set here:

Are you struggling with hair loss?

*I have received this kit for a review and this is my honest opinion 

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  1. Luckily I don't struggle with hair loss but I bet this is keeping the condition of your hair great!

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  3. A paste crafted from 2 tbsp curd, 1 tbsp lemon juice plus 2 tbsp raw g powder could possibly be implemented over your entire scalp and hair, also made to one hour or so prior to washing. This lowers the hair loss also leads to balanced glistening hairfollicles. Nowadays nearly 80 percent of earth people is suffering from the issue of baldness. Predicaments are worst together with all most those who're mindful of the thinning of these own hair loss. A paste of fenugreek water and seeds could possibly be implemented on your scalp, and then made to get 40 minutes just prior to washing. Hair thinning will be reduced by this. Massaging scalp having a combination of honey and egg yolk is also fantastic procedure for baldness thinning.There are home remedies for hair loss cure, through which you can get more home remedies for hair loss also regrowing you hair,and cure your hair instantly

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