Leeds Light Night

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The last couple of weeks-what am I even saying, months- my schedule has become hectic. I've been working non stop for at least 12h/day and weekends included.If I think about it, in the last half a year I've had max 3-5 days that were my selfish days,meaning I would just relax and forget about the things that need doing,so having a day off was a complete luxury.Anyway you can read more about what I've been up to with Nick Calini Photography over here.
So thinking about all the hard work that I've put into our business I've decided that enough was enough and  that we should have a date night, out in Leeds.
Friday night we've been fortunate enough to catch the last day of Light Night. If you've never been to Light Night,please go next year, it's an absolute treat for your little one and a delight for adults as well.There are different locations throughout Leeds City Centre where you can see different shows, loads of good food and just good vibes all around.

This was for sure the best night that we've had in a long time.
If you follow me on Instagram,you might have noticed that...I have not posted anything about it,and it's not because I didn't want to.
Why didn't I post anything ? Well...this makes me feel a bit uncomfortable, but the truth is...
I am on a pay as you go sim card,sometimes it works for me , but every now and again I just run out of credit without warning. I've been going on like this ever since I came to the UK almost 6 years ago.
When you are on a pay as you go sim, sometimes you realised you just run out of credit in the most important moments...when you have to make an important phone call, when there's a special event, when there's an emergency...

when there's an emergency...
For the last couple of months I've had to speak with our clients and having a business there's always something to sort out,so having unlimited data, unlimited texts and unlimited minutes is a must.

Trying to fix this problem I've started to look for unlimited sim only deals, and after doing my research I found out that it would only cost me a couple of pounds extra per month to benefit from …let’s call it a stress free , peace of mind mobile plan.

There are so many network providers offering good deals ,I haven’t changed mine since coming to the UK, and I was so happy to see that 3mobile network is also offering the unlimited sim data.
The price range is between £18.75 and £44 per month, so there’s a package to suit every pocket.

Now, talking from a blogger's point of view, I remember a very famous blogger/vlogger saying about events ' if you're not posting in that exact moment and you're not letting your audience know about it you're irrelevant' . These exact words went through my mind on Friday night, at Light Night in Leeds.

Now tell me, what are your thoughts on this?Have you ever been to Light Night Leeds? 😊

Ps: You can see my Last Minute Christmas post here.

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