Summer Festivals in Spain - Don't miss out!

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I've travelled a bit over the last few years and whenever I think about vacation, one particular country pops in my mind- Spain .
With a rich heritage , hot summers and absolutely delicious food , there's no wonder that Spain is such a popular holiday destination.

Spring marks the start of one of the most well known festivals -The April Fair of Seville and it all started in 1847 as a cattle fair.
Nowadays, the festivity starts on Monday at midnight with the illumination of the fairground and the entrance.Inside,you will find dozens of tents belonging to families where they welcome friends, relatives and  guests for meals,drinks and so much joy.
Flamenco has its origins in Andalucia,so you can expect loads of dancing, good food and good company.

If you missed this festival,don't worry,you can still catch one at the end of June and it's called the Wine Fight- La Batalla del Vino de Haro. From its name I think that you can already imagine what it is.
It all started in the 13th Century ,when the city of Haro has marked its lines between them and its neighbours.400 years later,because of a fight, the people of Haro and their neighbours started throwing wine at each other.
Nowadays, the ones that want to participate to the wine fight must wear white clothing and a red scarf.

Fiestas de Garcia is another well known festival that is taking place at the end of August in Barcelona, when the city comes alive at night for a whole week.
Each street picks a theme so you can be surprised by colourful decorations, delicious  street food and oh,did I mention that it's completely free to join?

This article was written in collaboration with HolidayGems, where you can find low deposit city breaks this summer.I'm planning my next one now.

So tell me,have you ever been to any of the festivals mentioned above?  Do you have a favourite festival? I want to hear all about it!

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