Leeds Indie Food -The Festival Foodies Shouldn't Miss

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We were so blessed with nice weather lately, I feel so grateful to be able to chill for a couple of hours in my backyard, swaying in my hammock while reading a quality book...I feel like I'm on holiday!
With such weather it's a shame to spend time indoors and if you are looking for things to do in Leeds ,let me tell you about Leeds Indie Food .

Leeds Indie Food Instagram Page

For the third year in a row, with over 80 events and 150 collaborations, Leeds Indie Food Festival comes back this year to bring you all things eat, drink and do.

Festival Passport owners ( you can buy them on their page ) will be entitled to big discounts and exclusive free passes and tasters during the event.
Many activities are sold out,so people are loving them,but you can still find loads of activities and even more are announced every day!
From learning how to make truffles to eating brunch ice cream, pizza and prosecco there is an option for everyone.
The last day of the festival will be on the 28th of May, so this seems like a fun little activity for the bank holiday weekend. Make sure that you will bring your family and friends, they will love it.

Tell me, will you be attending the food festival?

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