Spend or Save ?

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I remember my teenage years.I used to tell my mom that I can hardly wait to grow up so I can be independent, have my own money and live by my own.
Well, when this actually happened it wasn't exactly what I've imagined it to be.
Me and Nick moved to the UK with lent money and it was just enough  for rent and food for a month and that was all.We had to figure it out from there and damn,that was tough.
Going from staying at my parents house straight to being on my very own felt like a slap in my face.
There were so many things that I didn't know about paying bills, managing my finances and I had to learn the hard way through my own experiences.

Pictures by Matt Chappell

Two weeks ago me and Nick were invited to Giffgaff's Spend or Save event. Basically, we had to play a game that is about saving money but also spending it wisely.It's exactly like Monopoly, but instead of buying properties you buy Life Goals .( Saving's Account, Buying a Car, Getting Married, etc)

It's crazy how I've almost gone broke at some point and managed to win the game at our table at the end .It's exactly like in real life isn't it?You never know what comes your way.The money that I've managed to save for my retirement sent me on the second place with the most money after retirement.
For this I've won a 250£ towards a charity of my choice.

We've had so much fun, it felt like a night in with our old friends and new friends while drinking prosecco and eating gluten free pizza.
I had the chance to hang out with my fellow bloggers Sarah, Bridie , Luke ,Nick and Steve from Giffgaff as well,  so thanks to Giffgaff  and Jennie for inviting us,we had a blast.

You can find here more details about the event.

Pictures by N. Calini

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