Lasts drops of Summer

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I can't believe it's already the mid of August!
Even if these are the last days of summer,I want to make the most of them,so in a week I will be heading back to my home country ,where the temperatures are much more higher than in UK.
In my town there's a salted lake ,and  people say that the water is so salted that you don't even have to swim,the water will keep you on top.
I really can't wait to go there again . :D

For my holiday I picked a new swimsuit from a site called
The prices are quite small,so give it a try .:)

This is the swim suit,it looks a little bit different from the website,but it's a nice one .
If you have big hips like moi , than you must order a bigger size. I ussualy wear M, but this time I should have opted for L.

Also I picked this bracelet,which I like a lot!
It reminds me of currants,I want to eat it. :D

Tell me,what are your plans for the last days of summer?


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