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      I discovered beauty bloggers when I was 20-21 years old.I was a student at the time and the girls from uni were telling me that my make-up looks pretty and I was asked how do I do it. I remember that it was a cold day,literally everything was frozen outside so I made myself a cup of mint tea and I started reading some beauty blogs and I told Nick: 'Wow,these girls are doing such a cool thing!I mean,they are trying beauty products,they are doing these amazing makeup tutorials and people are watching them...I also have a lot of beauty products,why am I not doing the same ? ' And he replied: 'Well...exactly ! Why don't you have a blog?' 

     This is how I created Cupcake Splendens on January 2011.
     It has always fascinated me that simple things  just like wearing a lipstick can change the way you look and fell about yourself.
This blog has brought me only joy,amazing opportunities and  friends.
     Ever since I started this blog,this little corner of mine, I had some great collaborations with many beauty brands,I made some followers happy with my giveaways , but mostly it made me more humble and fulfilled. 

       I loved make-up my whole life.My first makeup related memories are from when I was just 4 or 5 ,when I used to sneak into my moms purse and grab her pink metallic nail polish and used it on my Barbie dolls.I always made a mess.
       When my uncle asked me at age 10 what gift do I want for my birthday , I replied: Blue Mascara!Not only did he buy me my first beloved blue mascara,but he also bought me a small eyeshadow palette ,which my parents didn't allow me to use because I was too young.Of course I used it without their knowledge.

     Years going by I remember going every weekend to the only makeup boutique in my grandmothers town and just admiring the shelves full of nail polishes, eyeshadows and perfumes.I never left that place empty handed.

     29 January 2014 was the day that my life changed completely , I moved to the UK with my boyfriend at the time and now husband, Nick , and I worked for a whole month in a make-up shop in London.

     I don't believe there has been a total of 10 days in the last 11 years which I didn't use any makeup and ... it's not about being insecure , on the contrary , it's about the relaxing feeling that I get in the morning when I feel the first touch of a brush on my cheeks,the pretty pink on my lips and the winged eyeliner that I have perfected over the years and on which I get so many compliments on.
The feeling of 'You Can Do It ! '
One thing is for sure: I LOVE MAKEUP,and I hope that you do too.