Holiday Feeling and Celebration

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This week got me thinking about my upcoming holidays.It's crazy how time flies, so here I am leaving all the planning last minute making sure that my week is going to be a busy one but at least I've done my final shopping before going abroad.Also, last week I've celebrated Nick Calini (Happy Birthday baby! ) and we've also celebrated MacComms, a PR agency based in Leeds.

Last Thursday I've been invited to MacComms third year anniversary and it was so much fun! I met so many inspiring  people ,had a couple of cocktails with them, ate some cake and laughed until my cheeks hurt.
Congrats to Ellie and her team for smashing it ,winning award after award and working so hard to make their clients happy.

Also,talking about holidays, I've been gifted two snorkelling kits by  , one for me and one for Nick and let me tell you how excited I am for this!
There are two major reasons why I'm so excited .The first one is that whenever we wanted to go snorkelling on our holidays,we always had to schedule this activity a couple of days before and sometimes the agencies schedule wasn't on the same track with ours.Therefore,sometimes we had to cancel it or we had to skip other activities in order to go snorkelling.
The second reason is that snorkelling is a bit expensive. Every time you want to go snorkelling for two hours or so you will most likely pay from your wallet anything between 30 to 60 euro per person .
Having my own kit means that I can use it whenever and wherever I want ,at no extra cost.
Also,my kit fits in my carrier bag , so I cannot wait to take it with me on my next adventure and to share my experience with you!
You can find here their range of snorkelling kits and many more: .

So tell me,have you ever gone snorkelling? Did you like it? Would you recommend it to anyone?

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