Wine Tasting in Leeds

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One week ago I was kindly invited by Louise, The Wine Gang event organiser , to a wine tasting event .
I grabbed my camera and my husband and went to Aspire , a gorgeous historic building located in Leeds City Center . We arrived there around 3 pm , a bit late given the fact that the exhibition started at noon , so unfortunately we missed the masterclasses , but fortunately for us they did not run out of wine. :)
So this is how our relaxing day began : the venue was full.People everywhere , some of them pretty tipsy but very chatty and happy to tell you which stand had the best wines.
As we arrived , we received a pen and a booklet where we could find all the stands and the wines that they were promoting.This was extremely helpful, because there were hundreds of bottles of wine to choose from and you could immediately select your favorite ones from the list.

When it comes to wine , Nick and me are complete opposites. While I adore sweet wines, Nick prefers dry ones , so he had a wider range where to pick from.We had such a lovely time!Cheers!

MAKEUP Close-up

My outfit: Blouse -Zara
                 Jeans - True Religion
                 Shoes- Clarks
                                Bag - Nica                

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