What I've been up to lately

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I've been offline for quite a while now ,but I still want to keep you updated so these are the newest changes in my life:

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1. I started to eat healthy food and stopped eating sugar
Well , I've not completely given up on sugar,but I've certainly reduced it a lot!If in the past I used to eat chocolate in the morning,now I've changed it with milk , cereals and honey .At home if I feel like I need something sweet I just eat 2-3 clementines or drink a glass of orange juice+carrots.I must say,it wasn't easy but if I could do it,anyone can!

2. I drink more water
For a person that used to drink a maximum of 0.5l of water per day,I'm pretty amazed that I managed to get to 1.5l - 2l per day!Of course,it involved a lot of going to the bathroom at the begining,but my body is feeling better and my skin starts looking more hydrated.

3.I'm no longer testing any beauty product
In the past I used to receive and also buy almost any kind of make-up,I started being pretty picky now because: I've used a well known foundation that literally aged my skin and made it dry;I've had a nasty reaction to a natural face cream; I didn't see any results from some products and so on....
My main concern is skincare right now.

1. Start working out and be consistent with it -I am starting slowly with stretching every day

2. Write regularly on my two blogs: Cupcake Splendens and Foodie Stop in UK -please feel free to follow me on FoodieStop :)

What plans do YOU have? :)

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