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           Just because summer is over , that doesn't mean that we should neglect our skin,on the contrary,our skin needs even more care.The cold , windy weather normally brings us chapped lips and dry skin , but I have the perfect products to make it through the season .
Because my skin gets very dry and sometimes flaky, I have to exfoliate it every time I take a shower,so this is my shower and skin care routine:

First thing first: before taking a shower , I apply my Bee Good Facial Exfoliator and I leave it on my skin until I finish my shower,and I remember every couple of minutes to gently massage it onto my face and lips .This is a product that I absolutely adore and I have received it in my Glossybox a while ago , but I use it at least once per week and it's very gentle to the sensitive skin . Also , after I wash it off I immediately use a  face serum and a hydrating cream.

I bought Ecotools  for its dual cleansing pad,which means that you can use it on both sides ; the front for cleaning and the back pad for exfoliating the skin.I always use it with the Verbena Leaf Soap from L'Occitane, because this soap is also a gentle exfoliator and it smells really nice.I would say it is unisex,so your partner might like it as well.

I really had mixed feelings if I should include in this post my Scrub Love with Charcoal and Avocado because I have a love-hate relationship with it.Why?Well...Whenever I use it , my bathtub becomes a mess,the smell isn't very appealing and my skin gets a bit dark because of the big chunks of charcoal ,but I will continue using this product because it actually works.It's the best exfoliator that I have ever used,but it can be a bit harsh with the skin.After I use it my skin looks a bit redish  but after one minute it just changes to its normal colour and my skin becomes baby soft.This is the perfect moment to use a body cream.

Malee Conditioning Body Cream quickly became my favourite body cream for the cold season.It smells gorgeous, and it works so good for my dry skin . This is the only body cream which I use that my husband doesn't say ' the smell is too strong!' or 'don't use it before we go to bed! ' .It has a buttery texture , but it gets absorbed easily and it contains vitamins beneficial for your skin.

Do you have any tips ? What is your skin care routine?

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  1. My skincare routine is basically non-existent, and it’s needed so bad during the winter months! I love the sound of the Eco Tools sponge, it’s sounds fabulous, and the pictures of you are gorgeous too.. 😍

  2. Great pics, I just recently got some Autumn essentials too. I can't bare to have un-nurtured skin.

  3. I swear by exfoliators in the autumn/winter because my skin gets so dry. I've just bought some Korean beauty face masks to try out, I'm intrigued to see what the fuss is about.

    1. I wanted to buy Korean skincare products as well! Let me know if they're good . :*

  4. Great advice and some lovely products too! Will definitely be trying some of your recommendations out.
    Kate x