5 of Worlds Most Exotic Islands - Food that You Must Try At Least Once in Your Life

Summer is not far away and soon we'll be seeing pictures from the most exotic locations all over our feed on facebook and instagram .
Have you planned your summer holiday yet?
Will you be visiting the following islands soon? If so,I've got you covered! Here are the foods that you shouldn't skip !


One of Mauritius's signature drinks, vanilla tea is made from the black tea that grows on the island and vanilla from South Africa.A refreshing drink that you shouldn't miss!
Mazavaroo is the most used ingredient in the mauritian cuisine.It's in fact a chilli paste made by the locals that is consumed with any dish, including veggies and even fruit(mango,pineapple,etc) .


Grilled limpets splashed with a bit of lemon and garlic makes the perfect starter for those who love sea food.
Queijadas tops the list of the islands favourite dessert and it's made with cottage cheese, eggs and sugar.A very simple one,but extremely tasty.


Fuerteventura is one of those islands that you want to visit again and again.
Vieja Fish with  canarian potatoes and mojo is a dish that you don't want to miss.
Vieja Fish is also known under the name of parrot fish and it's cooked in the oven with a lemon dressing.Canarian potatoes with mojo sauce were for sure my favourite dish while visiting Fuerteventura, they are actually boiled in sea water and left there until the water evaporates and the potatoe skin is covered in a salty crust.


If you will travel to Bali ,you will notice that the locals will use banana leafs as food wrappings.One of those foods are called Pepes and it consists in  small packages of banana leafs that have meat veggies and tofu inside. Bubur Injin is a dessert made of a black rice pudding and coconut milk and it's served either as a dessert or snack.


Cannoli are a must when visiting Malta, it consists in a fried pastry dough filled with ricotta cream.
Bagrioli is a dish that maltese swear by and it's made from beef cooked in a wine sauce ,with a bacon, egg and garlic filling.Can't wait to try it!

This article was written in collaboration with Destination 2 Luxury Holidays

Have you tried any of these foods ?Which one was your favourite?

Hair loss remedies - Hair Jazz from Harmony Life

I have to admit something. I miss my long hair a lot.I've cut my hair back in September as it was too long,too curly and it was starting to be a pain for me.The exact day that I cut it I half-regretted my decision,but knowing that I did it for a good cause made me feel better.
I'll be honest, I don't have enough patience to wait for years for my hair to grow, so I started taking supplements and completely changed the products that I use .

I have received a set of 4 products from Hair Jazz two months ago and after testing it for so long now I can finally share with you my thoughts on it. I've used it like this: I put a tiny bit of water at the roots and add the shampoo on the scalp and gently massage it.I leave it there for 3 minutes and after that I start adding a bit of water and shampoo on the length of my hair.I leave it again for 1 min, after that I rinse and use the hair mask,leave it for a couple of minutes,rinse again and after that I use the spray.
The shampoo is indeed my favourite product from Hair Jazz because I use it differently and I can really see the results, it leaves my hair feeling the cleanest.
After washing my hair I love using the serum and it makes my hair look really nice and shiny.
Two weeks ago I was asked what did I do because my hair looks so much longer and the funny thing is that I have cut a couple of inches one month ago to make my hair look more even.
Not only that my hair is growing incredibly fast,but it also looks really strong even after straightening it every single week.
One thing that I have also noticed is that my hair doesn't fall as much as it used to and that's a huge win for me!
You can buy the whole set here: https://harmonylife.co.uk/hairjazz-keratin-protector-gift

Are you struggling with hair loss?

*I have received this kit for a review and this is my honest opinion 

Celebrating 40 years of Jukeboxes with Leisure Sound


No matter how tired,annoyed or bad I feel,I know that the right song can put me in a good mood. Let me take you back to last Thursday.I had 'one of those days' and I thought that taking a short nap will sort it out.Two hours later I woke up, not feeling my best and I realised that we were already late to Sound Leisure's event in Leeds. 'Damn it' I thought.We are already so late,'Should we still go?'. My desire of seeing Jukeboxes overtook my bad mood, so I quickly grabbed some clothes and rushed out the door.
When we arrived at Victoria Gate Leeds, almost everyone left , but that wasn't necessarily a bad thing because we had more time to chat with Ellie,Emily,Tom, Chris and his wife.

You can visit the popup store at Victoria Gate until the 18th of April, where you will be greeted by Chris Black,the managing director of Sound Leisure.
Ask this man everything about Jukeboxes and he knows it! His father started this business 40 years ago and it is a family run business with over 100 employees. 
His company produces them from scratch and they are the world's only manufacturer of vinyl jukeboxes.Did I mention that they are producing them in Leeds?

The Jukeboxes are of the highest quality, with different designs and features.
It was extremely hard for me to pick a favourite one,but I was already imagining the white one in my makeup room. Nick's favourite one was Rocket .

You can also admire the Rocket Jukebox in the newest trailer of Jurassic World 2 .
You can get your very own personalised Jukebox from Sound Leisure, so feel free to contact them.

Maybe it was the atmosphere,maybe it was talking to inspiring people, but I've learned my lesson.
No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and always show up!


Looking outside my window I see tiny snowflakes falling gently out of the sky...I thought we were done with winter.I guess not...Days like this can only  make me go downstairs and have a hot cup of tea , mint tea to be more precise.My mind wanders back to my very first holiday abroad with Nick, I think that you really can't forget that feeling,can you?

It went like this:
My job was stressing me out. I felt that I couldn't grow anymore but at the same time I was overwhelmed with the amount of work, so I quit my job.Friday afternoon,at 1 pm I left work and went straight to the airport with Nick.We were so excited, but at the same time didn't know what to expect,we just don't like to google the place when planning a trip,we prefer to discover new places by ourselves.
We arrived to Malaga late as the sun was setting down and we took a taxi to our first hotel where we had to spend just one night.Surprise surprise,when we arrived we realised that we have booked a room at a hotel right next to a .... brothel.It wasn't bad at all though, it was quiet and the room was nice.:)

The next morning we took the train to Benalmadena where we spend the rest of our vacation at Hotel Siroco .We got this trip at such a good price; if I remember correctly it was discounted so we ended up paying a total of 360 euro for 5 nights and it was an all inclusive holiday .(meals included,but not the drinks)
The food was amazing!Fresh fruit, veggies, all types of meat, pastry , cake,you name it! They had it.
 It was so good that we did not have to eat out at all and everyday the menu was different.
I ate churros and olives every time I could and whenever we were having lunch a jug of Sangria  was essential..We just couldn't get enough !

Things to do in Benalmadena:

Hop on a tour bus
Visit SeaLife
Go with the Teleferico
Visit the port
Go on a boat tour
Visit Selwo Marina

There are plenty of other activities to try out,but we tried just the ones above so I can only recommend you these ones.I would advise if you want to buy tickets for different activities to always check with the 
agencies,they have the best deals .

And don't forget to relax and enjoy your time!

Have you ever been to Benalmadena? Would you visit it?

Designer Clothes for Men at Bargain Prices

I said it before, I will say it again. It's so hard to find nice clothes if you are a man.If you go to a store you realise that at least 70% of the space is dedicated to women and if they're lucky the rest for men. Sometimes they share that space with kids clothing,it's just ridiculous.
This makes it even more difficult for me if I want to buy something for Nick,there aren't so many options to choose from.

I was told that on https://www.odsdesignerclothing.com I could find some really cool pieces and at a great price.
Next month is going to be Nicks birthday so I am already making a list with possible things to buy,I hate it when I leave it last moment ,don't you?

For a typical day of shopping for him, this is what I would choose :

You can find my picks here: https://www.odsdesignerclothing.com/mens

I have seen that lately he really started to pay attention to the accessories  as well, whenever we are in a store the first thing that he does is to go to see the watches and necklaces.

So tell me,do you like my picks?Would you wear them?

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**sponsored post

The Fear of Speaking In Public and How to overcome it

I always admired the extroverts.I  felt that they had that something which I couldn't master because I was always shy and quiet ,so I stopped myself from expressing my opinions in public.
Throughout my childhood and even in my teenage years it was hard for me to make friends and to open up to people.
It has all changed when I met my husband .He had so much patience with me and understood my needs and strange ways , but I still cannot say that I've changed completely.

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to the Public Speaking Academy's course which took place in Leeds , on a Saturday morning.
There were two stages of the course.The first stage started at 9:30 AM and the second stage started at 1 PM and it finished at 5 pm.
We arrived late and I was so embarrassed . I've told you before that I am really bad at managing my time efficiently .When we entered the room people were already chatting in groups as part of the first exercise and we had to blend in quickly.
 Lee and Andrew were our coaches and they shared with us their years of experience and their energy was  contagious.
The course is so diverse, it covers a wide area of interests, from speaking in public to actually promoting yourself and your business.You can also opt for one on one coaching which can be very helpful for some.

I am not exaggerating when I say that this experience changes your way of thinking and perceiving things.Everyone who attended was just lovely , the course was very interactive and fun and at the same time you felt safe and that nobody is judging you.
Did it help me?It actually did, and I've seen improvements when I'm trying to approach new people .

Have you ever attended such a course?

Banned Instagram Hashtags - Updated List 2018 February

Are you wondering why you don't have the same Instagram engagement as you had before?
Not only that Instagram has changed its algorithm when it comes to the chronological order of the photos,but now it has started to ban some hashtags as well.

What does it mean and how can it affect you?

Well,if you post even one of the temporarily or completely banned hastags posted below , your picture or video will  become shadowbanned ,which means that it will become hidden. 
Avoiding banned Instagram hashtags is very important if you want to have a good engagement and gain new followers with hashtags .

Here is the updated list of banned hashtags and let me know if you discover other ones so I can add them:













































I hope that this will help you! :)

Victoria Gate Casino 1st Year Anniversary - Party time

        I can't arrive early. Sorry , I just cannot be an early bird.
It's not that I don't start preparing myself hours in advance,it's just that I am really bad at managing my time while I am doing the tasks.
I told myself that I cannot be this late anymore for any event.
Well,there was this one time when I did arrive early.How early?Well... one hour in advance.I told you I was bad at managing my time.

        Me and Nick were invited to Victoria Gate Casino's first birthday.Victoria Gate Casino is located in Leeds City Center, at Victoria Gate.
Victoria Gate Leeds opened in late 2016 and I remember when it was still under construction how amazed I was week after week seeing how fast they were building it.
You can find several stores there, from clothing to food,from fashion to...a casino!
When we arrived at the Casino,we didn't know what to expect.Its impressive luxurious design is unlike anything we have seen before. 
You can go there just for a drink at their Bar ,you can watch the football game on the enormous HD screens, you can have a meal at their restaurant or you can go there for their games.They have this huge poker area that holds tournaments regularly .
Did I mention that this is the biggest casino in the north?
For the 1st year Anniversary we were greeted with glitter face painters, a magician, stilt walkers, a DJ and lots and lots of Prosecco. 
I will leave you with the pictures from that night that will speak for themselves. 

Thank you Ellie and Victoria Gate Casino for having us!See you next time!